Books à la Mode adheres to the following blog policies and expects all readers and visitors to respectfully do the same. Should there be any questions regarding any moderated activity or any of these policies, please contact me.

Comment Policy

Comments are never filtered and the entire site is CAPTCHA-free, but that is because I TRUST my readers to remain respectful (and not do anything illegal) while visiting. You are welcome to voice yourself on any post, but please refrain from doing so at the derision of others. I have a zero-tolerance policy towards distasteful comments and always maintain the right to restrict or delete those which I determine inappropriate. These include but are not limited to comments that: spam, phish, insult/attack/threaten other members, and/or are fraudulent. However, swearing, opinions, and inappropriateness à la naughty is absolutely allowed (and in fact, encouraged).

Review Policy

I only accept paperback copies, hardcover copies, or bound galleys (proofs or ARCs) of books for review. All eBooks, PDFs, and unbound manuscripts I receive will consequently be deleted or otherwise removed from my files.

While I do receive free copies of the books I review, under Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I am not monetarily compensated for my work in any way, shape, or form, nor am I ever be required to write a positive review. All other books I review are either purchased by myself, or gifted from others.

Under no exceptions or conditions, will I consider requests by authors, publishers, or publicists to change ratings, write positive reviews, or alter reviews. For promotional tours, if I have a five-heart-or-less (less than 3 stars) rating, I am happy to postpone the review during the tour's time frame, but will publish it once that tour is over.

As of 2016: Out of respect for authors and publicists, and for my own time, if I have nothing good to say about a book, I will not post about it on my blog. I may post a short Goodreads or Amazon review to keep track of my reading progress, but I do not believe it's worth the effort or pain on both ends to "promote" a book I didn't like.

For further review information, and to request a review, please refer to my review request page.

Promotion Policy

I would love to have you or your client over at Books à la Mode! I am interested in hosting the following features:
  • Book spotlight (cover + blurb + excerpt)
  • Unique guest post
  • Interview
All promotions require concurrent giveaways. eBook-only giveaways are not acceptable; eBooks may be offered, but something else (at least a print option for the winner to choose from!) must be provided as well. Publicity campaigns I've worked with in the past have gotten creative and given away bookmarks, gift cards, other authors' books, and other promotional materials in lieu of or in conjunction with the books they were promoting, so please do not feel limited to only giving away a print copy of your or your client's book.

If you opt for a guest post or interview, I will provide a set of customized possible guest post topics or interview questions to choose from.

If you are interested in booking a promotion, please confirm with my schedule calendar to make sure I can fit you in, and then fill out the form below:

I require four weeks' notice for promotional posts, so please plan in advance a date at least four weeks from today in your submission. I will only consider sooner dates under exceptional circumstances, which I alone have the right to determine.

All requests will be taken into consideration, but please note that, as with my reviews, I am extremely selective with guests and spotlights at my blog. I maintain the right to politely (and regretfully!) decline any promotional queries, so if you do not receive a response within (5) business days, you can safely assume I do not feel comfortable with posting your content, or I do not feel your book(s) would be fitting for my blog.

At this time, I am not an affiliate for any book retailers such as Amazon or The Book Depository. Any links you find on this blog directing to such sites are only to facilitate book searches online, not for me to receive a commission on book sales. If by chance, you do click on an affiliate link at Books à la Mode, it is one I found through someone else's site, NOT my own.

Giveaway Policy

As per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines:

  • Unless otherwise stated, all giveaways last a duration of two weeks and are open to anyone aged thirteen (13) and above
  • No purchase necessary
  • Must adhere to individual giveaway rules, such as location restrictions or mandatory tasks (explicitly stated in each giveaway post) or else entries will be considered void
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning
  • Books à la Mode is not liable for purchasing, shipping, or handling prizes, unless otherwise stated
  • Neither Books à la Mode nor sponsor is ever responsible for lost or damaged items that have been sent
  • Void where prohibited by law
By entering any of my giveaways, readers are expected to carefully read all giveaway rules (including location restrictions and other mandatory requirements) individually upon entry. However if, via Rafflecopter or manual verification, I find any entrants have taken integrity-lacking or dishonest action, to my discretion, I will remove all their entries from that giveaway and they will not be permitted to enter it again. Here is an example list of what I consider "integrity-lacking":
  • Using multiple names/emails to enter more than once
  • Commenting more than once
  • Lying about following/subscribing
I choose all winners via (often hosted by Rafflecopter) unless:
  • the giveaway is sponsored and the publicist/author chooses the winner(s)
  • the winner is for the first/best comment/entry
  • the specific giveaway's rules state otherwise

Privacy Policy

Your personal information such as your email address, mailing address, and last name will never be shared, sold, or distributed to any third parties. By entering my giveaways, however, you are giving me permission to publicly acknowledge your first name, but only for winner verification.

Winner Policy

I no longer make separate posts for giveaway winners, but ALL winners are contacted via email (or in rare cases, on Twitter) once selected. 
All winners must claim prizes within 48 hours of receiving the winning notification, or else prizes will be forfeited and new winners selected.

Usually winners will be publicly announced either in the comments section OR on the terminated Rafflecopter form of the pertaining giveaway. If you are unable to view the winner of any giveaway but would like to check on its status, you may submit a winner verification request by sending an email with the subject: Giveaway Winner Verification: Name of Giveaway to modishbooks AT gmail DOT com, and I will respond promptly with the winner's first name and, if available, proof of entry.


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