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in person, i am extremely private. you will seldom hear me talk about my private life—my love life, my secret life—and i suspect that is because i possess an unusually high consciousness of self. you will always find the most intimate of matters at ¡Miraculous!, however. it is a personal blog. you may never discover how old i am or where i reside, what i do, or who i really am, but you will learn of my biggest fears, my first time, things that make my heart soar (or my stomach flutter), my regrets, and my mistakes; and of me.

Current Description

A book, beauty & fashion blog, Books à la Mode brings you everything stylish, from the hottest books, to the latest makeup and clothing trends. This is a haven for books with a vogue flush—a blog for modish books and all else chic.

I've always loved reading, loved books as tools for escapism. The summer before I started 10th grade, I read The Hottest State by Ethan Hawke, and it struck me fiercely. Incredibly emotionally resonating, it became a book I grew attached to, a book I knew I would never forget. The moment I finished the last page, I furiously jotted down my thoughts onto the front cover, title page, dedication page, every blank space in the book I could find, out of fear that I would forget such a feeling in a few day's time. That was something I didn't want to ever happen; to forget the instant rush and reverence of a phenomenally affecting book would be truly tragic. I later typed up these musings onto this blog, making sure they would actually be coherent for other readers (in a mad state, my mind is but a dissonant jumble of words and at worst, feelings). I reposted to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. People loved it. People requested their own books be reviewed.

That's how the modern-day Books à la Mode was born.

I'll be frank with you: the above process is pretty much how all my reviews are written: with a stroke of passion and a drop of insanity.

If you've read any of my reviews, you know I take a highly personal stance. I'll never call a book out as "good" or "bad," and will always justify opinions. If I love a book, I'll get rambly and incoherent; if I hate it, I'll be sure to critique every last flaw. While I do have a rating system for organizational purposes, each book I review receives its own unique rating. I firmly believe no 5 stars—no "hearts," as I use here—are alike; no two books can be grouped together just because I liked them equally, so in the unique ratings, I'll be sure to let you know how each heart has been earned.

I now no longer associate this blog as a personal one. It certainly has a highly personal flair, but the years have taught me that in the land of books and fashion, everything revolves around marketing, around readership, around publicity. I would never accept monetary compensation for any of my efforts, because the exposure is compensation enough.

Thanks to this advancement, Books à la Mode garners more than 8000 unique page views per month, has 26,000+ regular followers (via GFC, Twitter, Feedburner, and Bloglovin'), has permanent feature positions on blog and book networks alike, including Bloggers and The Huffington Post, and maintains official collaboration with various book publishers' publicity departments, including the "big houses" such as Atria Books (Simon & Schuster), St. Martin's Press (MacMillan), Harlequin (HarperCollins), Lake Union Publishing (Amazon), and Penguin Random House. The site is loyal to a flurry of well-known makeup and apparel brands, as well.

I am a Goodreads Top 1% Reviewer, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer, and the blog is one of Bloglovin's Top 10 Book Blogs.

I may be bragging slightly. But Books à la Mode is my baby; I've the unsaid right to gloat.

Books à la Mode is now not only about me and my exasperating opinions; it's about everyone else: my readers and followers, publishers, authors, other bloggers, and the world wide web. To book a feature here, or for press/contact materials, please refer to my request page, or my contact information.

To those who have stuck with me from the beginning: thank you so much. You are the reason this blog is still running. To those who have just come across the site: welcome. I bid you a fun ride.