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Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Neverland in Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen + Giveaway! (US/Can only)

Alias Hook
Lisa Jensen

Every child knows how the story ends. The wicked pirate captain is flung overboard, caught in the jaws of the monster crocodile who drags him down to a watery grave. But it was not yet my time to die. It's my fate to be trapped here forever, in a nightmare of childhood fancy, with that infernal, eternal boy.

Meet Captain James Benjamin Hook, a witty, educated Restoration-era privateer cursed to play villain to a pack of malicious little boys in a pointless war that never ends. But everything changes when Stella Parrish, a forbidden grown woman, dreams her way to the Neverland in defiance of Pan’s rules. From the glamour of the Fairy Revels, to the secret ceremonies of the First Tribes, to the mysterious underwater temple beneath the Mermaid Lagoon, the magical forces of the Neverland open up for Stella as they never have for Hook. And in the pirate captain himself, she begins to see someone far more complex than the storybook villain.

With Stella’s knowledge of folk and fairy tales, she might be Hook’s last chance for redemption and release if they can break his curse before Pan and his warrior boys hunt her down and drag Hook back to their never-ending game. Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen is a beautifully and romantically written adult fairy tale.

Differences Spotted in My Version of the Neverland

  1. The fairies have orgies. (J. M. Barrie says so in Peter and Wendy, the novelization of his famous play. I just explored this idea in more detail!)
  2. The Lost Boys come back to the Neverland as men.
  3. Captain Hook is cursed to immortality; he can't be killed.
  4. His pirate crew is made up of former Lost Boys who have grown up, and so are no longer welcome in Pan's tribe.
  5. The Neverland is nicknamed "The Dreaming Place;" it's built on the collective dreams of all the world's children.
  6. Every mortal in the Neverland is assigned his or her protective fairy—but not all of them realize it.
  7. Tinkerbell is mentioned in passing, but she's not a character in this story.
  8. Tiger Lily is not a character in this story.
  9. Except for the Indian tribes, adult women are forbidden in the Neverland—until my heroine, Stella Parrish, dreams her way there, in spite of Pan's "rules."
  10. Stella is James Hook's last chance to escape—if they can break the curse that binds him there before the Lost Boys can hunt her down, and drag Hook back into their never-ending war games.

About the Author

I might have been a pirate in a previous life, or else I watched too many old Errol Flynn movies on TV in my formative years.

My historical fantasy Alias Hook presents the flip-side of the Neverland from the caustic perspective of its prisoner, Captain Hook. It was first published by Thomas Dunne Books in July, 2014, and is just now being re-released in paperback.

My historical pirate novel, The Witch From the Sea, published in 2001, is the first book in a planned trilogy.

In real life, I'm a film critic for an alternative weekly in Santa Cruz, CA, a position I've held since dinosaurs roamed the earth. I also reviewed books for the San Francisco Chronicle for 13 years, where my specialty was (surprise!) historical fiction and women's fiction.


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