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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kiss the Enemy by Dianna Love: Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway! (International)

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Kiss the Enemy (Slye Temp #4)
Tina Leonard

Her only hope is in the hands of her enemy.

Slye Temp operative Margaux Duke is chasing an international terrorist who murdered the last of her family. But her plans go up in smoke when her agency is in the crosshairs of the dangerous killer, forcing her to turn rogue to protect the only family she has left—her team. This is no time to get involved, especially with an enemy who steps between her and the terrorist she has to stop.

Logan Baklanov has been known by many names in the underbelly of international terrorism and will do whatever it takes to shield those he loves from the treacherous world he lives in. When his brother's life is in jeopardy, Logan takes on a role that places him at the top of the most-wanted lists of government security agencies in every country. He accepts the no-win situation, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice until a long legged beauty draws the attention of his deadly target and screws Logan's carefully planned mission.

Margaux and Logan must join forces in a dangerous game to save a major city from a powerful psychopath, but their ruse escalates out of control when the heat smoldering between them threatens to explode.

Logan lowered his face to hers and said, “Do you ever let go?”

“Of what?” Margaux knew what he was talking about, but she wasn’t going to admit to anything. “The need to always be in control, to always be one step better.”

Her infected arm had swollen tight as a stuffed sausage all the way to her fingers. She was alternately cold and hot, and sick of being in this heat. He should consider his timing for psychobabble, especially when she had a pistol within reach. “Do you want to spend today analyzing something you’ll never understand or getting out of here?”

The sucker smiled. Straight teeth that glared white. “I’ll tell you what I want.” She was not up for this crap. “World peace? A razor? Is it a long list? Because—”

“To hell with that.”


“Telling you anything.” He caught her to him and closed the short distance between their mouths. He had a really nice mouth. There was his beard again. She could get used to it on a man who kissed like this one. How did he manage to kiss her so tenderly and still turn her insides into a bunch of wobbling Jell-O?

Margaux had never understood why Jane gave up everything to stay in the jungle with Tarzan, but she was starting to get a clue.

About the Author

New York Times bestseller author Dianna Love always liked to do things big... and still does. After spending many years traveling across country to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 company, she’s now released her energetic muse on creating high-octane romantic thriller stories and urban fantasy. Her first book won the prestigious RITA Award (as Dianna Love Snell) and she now has a new Slye Temp romantic thriller series, whose latest installment, Kiss the Enemy, was just released in fall 2013. Dianna also co-writes the Belador urban fantasy series with #1 NYT bestseller Sherrilyn Kenyon.

When not speaking at national and international events throughout the year, Dianna lives in the metro Atlanta area with her motorcycle-instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater fish named after celebrities.


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To enter, all you have to do is answer this question:
What's your favorite forbidden love story—one between enemies? Whether it be a book, movie, or TV show, comment below! 
I know this is from a few years ago, but I adored Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner's relationship in the show Charmed. She was a badass evil-fighting witch and he was basically king of the demons. I'm still torn by that season of the show—they should have ended up together :(

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