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Sunday, April 13, 2014

7 Heart Beauty Review: Simply Beautiful Tangle Teaser Brush

The Tangle Teaser Brush, currently available through Second Glance Beauty via Amazon in five vibrant colors, is excellent for detangling both wet and dry hair—use firm pressure to get painless detangling! A godsend for unruly curly hair, a must for extension-wearers, and gentle enough for children, Simply Beautiful's Tangle Tease Brush detangles effortlessly.

I've always had thick, frizzy hair that's hard to manage straight out of the shower, so I was really excited to get to try this detangling brush.

The body of the brush is made out of a lightweight plastic. It isn't as dense as the plastic in most hair styling tools, so it does feel a little insubstantial, but I had no problems with it cracking or snapping or anything, so all good on that front. The plastic is smooth but rather slippery, and paired with the odd curve of the handle (it tapers, but isn't curved to the shape of a hand's grip—rather not very ergonomic, if you ask me), it makes it rather uncomfortable to hold. Not a massive issue, you just have to hold it a little firmer than you would a straight-handled brush.

The bristles themselves only have one component: a very flexible plastic, which makes brushing a bit frustrating, but it gets the job done. Because of the flimsiness of the bristles, they sometimes bend too much when running them through very tangled hair, but the point of the brush is that the bristles mold to the tangles, which causes painless detangling. I like this idea, and I can definitely say that when brushing out my wet hair, I didn't have as many snags or pulling as I typically do.

Apparently this product is a knockoff of the wildly popular Tangle Teezer hairbrush, which has rave reviews. The original Tangle Teezer is much pricer than the Tangle Teaser, though (don't get the names confused!). I appreciate affordability, but also imagine the quality of the plastic and coating used for this brush falls proportionately, as I wasn't completely wowed by it.

Overall, Simply Beautiful's Tangle Teaser Brush delivers what it promises: it detangles wet and dry hair gently and fuss-free. I personally wasn't completely impressed by the weak bristles and awkward handle, and also don't see how this is too different from just brushing your wet hair out with your fingers. However, since I don't have extremely curly, knotty hair—my hair is probably just a 4 on a 1-to-10 scale of unmanageability—I can't say this won't work wonders for people who have more trouble untangling their hair, especially after showering.

Tell me:
Do you have hard-to-tame or curly hair? What products or styling tools do you use to manage it?

FTC Disclosure: Second Glance Beauty provided me with a complimentary sample of the Tangle Tease Brush in Green for me to write an honest and unbiased review. I was not paid or sponsored to write a positive review and all content is mine and mine alone.