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Top 10 Reasons to Read Erotica with Your Partner by Kristina Wright and Giveaway!

Best Erotic Romance 2014
edited by Kristina Wright
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The Heat and the Sweet 

Desire, love and realism are the heartbeat of Kristina Wright’s Best Erotic Romance 2014. From first crushes to new lovers, to married couples who have withstood the tests of time and parenting, these are luscious, heartfelt tales layered with eroticism and emotion.

A happily married woman dresses to thrill and discovers how fun it is to break the “Rules” in Emerald’s sizzling story. A devoted couple finds time for lovemaking while juggling the busy whirl of childcare in “The Shortest Day,” by Nikki Magennis. Walking the dog leads to sparks and a red-hot flame in Lucy Felthouse’s “Going It Alone.”

This decidedly blissful and deeply romantic anthology is filled with couples in every stage of love and lust who simply can’t get enough of each other.

Reasons to Read Erotica with Your Partner

  1. Everything is better when you do it together.
    The couple that plays together, stays together. Reading out loud to each other can be a very intense form of intimacy.
  2. It gives you an opportunity to introduce a new fantasy you've been too shy to bring up.
    We all have one. Something we'd like to try—but are afraid to mention, for whatever reason. Erotica is a great way to bring up a favorite fantasy without embarrassment. If someone wrote about it, it must be a good idea!
  3. You might discover something new to try.
    My anthology xoxo: Sweet and Sexy Romance has 38 stories. You're bound to find a new technique, position or location to try together. Erotica is like a travel book of pleasure. "Let's go here!"
  4. Reading a sexy story out loud is like foreplay.
    Talking dirty is sexy. Reading dirty is even sexier. You get to take on the persona of other characters and explore a whole new world of pleasure.
  5. When your friends ask if you're in a book club, you can enthusiastically say yes!
    Reading erotica together is the best kind of book club. You can drink your wine and eat your cheese and crackers—naked!
  6. It's something you can do together even if one of you is traveling. (Or on a road trip!)
    Phone sex is for amateurs. Read a sexy story to your partner instead. Don't like to read in the car? Pop in the audio version of an erotica anthology and let someone else read to you.
  7. You're almost certain to discover a kink you didn't know your partner had.
    Just like you have a fantasy or two you haven't shared, so does your partner. How exciting is it to discover something new about your lover—especially if it's something you'd also like to try?
  8. Reading sparks the imagination.
    Maybe you think you've done it all. Reading a collection of erotica might make you change your mind as you find yourself taking a scenario from a story and applying it to your own sex life.
  9. Pushing boundaries is exciting.
    We all have our limits and deal breakers. Even if it's something you would never, ever do in real life (bondage, a threesome, sex in front of an audience), it can still be fun, and safe, to read about it together.
  10. Reading erotica can lead to writing erotica.
    Reading erotica with your partner might inspire you to write your own personalized lusty stories. What better way to memorialize your very sexy love life together?

About the Author

Described by The Romance Reader as “a budding force to be reckoned with” and as one of the “legendary erotica heavy-hitters” by Violet Blue, Kristina Wright is the author of the ground-breaking cross-genre relationship guide Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After. She is also an award-winning author and the editor of a over dozen Cleis Press anthologies, including Fairy Tale Lust, Dream Lover, Lustfully Ever After, Duty and Desire, the Best Erotic Romance series, and most recently, xoxo: Sweet and Sexy Romance.

Her short fiction has appeared in over one hundred anthologies and her nonfiction has appeared in publications as diverse as USA Today, Good Vibes Magazine, The Sun, and Brain, Child.

She holds degrees in English and humanities from Charleston Southern University and Old Dominion University and has taught English and world mythology at the college level. She lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia with her husband, a lieutenant commander in the Navy, and their two young sons.


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