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Men Looking for Their Mommies by Jaye Cheríe and Giveaway!

The Cost of Love and Sanity
Jaye Cheríe

Can one woman’s fear undo the rest of her life? Alex Carter’s struggle with love, loss, and faith requires her to face long-held dreams and the man she once left behind.

For Alex Carter, everything is going according to plan—she’s built a successful career and has a steady boyfriend—until life decides to throw a wrench in the mix. Suddenly, her company threatens to downsize and her boyfriend ends their relationship. It is then that she realizes that, like many women, she has neglected to pursue love and family—the goals closest to her heart—in favor of a career.

As a new year begins and Alex decides to focus on personal concerns, she runs into an old flame, Nathan Chestnut. Though she once had it bad for Nathan, she’s careful about trusting him again. Alex’s remedy is to ask him for an unexpected favor, which seems like the perfect resolution to her broken belief in happiness until she realizes that it can only grant her a piece of her dreams for a family.

As her heart and reality get in the way of her request, Alex reaches a major crossroad. Will she gather her faith and fix the situation? Or will she suffer in silence for the rest of her life?

Looking For Mommy

Have you ever met Mr. Wrong? Personally, I hadn’t thought about this question until last year. That’s when a member of my writer’s group burst through the door and said “I have a book that can help with your male characters.” She was working on her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and would periodically suggest books to assist with character development. When she slid the book over to me, I saw that the cover read: Avoiding Mr. Wrong by Stephen Arterburn and Dr. Meg J. Rinck.

I raised my eyebrows and flipped through it for a couple of minutes. I decided to check it out. To my surprise, I found the book full of “aha” moments. The biggest one was that there are a lot of men who grew up with too much Mommy and not enough Daddy. So, when they finally became adults and went out into the world, they automatically went searching for a Mommy figure, instead of a spouse.

Based on the book, Daddy could have left the home but, in some cases, he was still there; he just wasn’t involved with his son. He could have preferred to come home from work, plop down in front of the TV and leave Mommy to pick up the slack. Now, the really interesting part is how some mommies handled the added responsibility.

There are times when the son becomes more than just a son; he becomes his mom’s confidant, her companion, her plus one. This may sound far-fetched but, since reading Arterburn’s book, I’ve heard and observed a number of eye-opening episodes between women and their sons. I’ve heard of mothers having jealousy dreams about their sons’ relationships to mothers having “date night” with their boys.

This may all seem cute and harmless when Mommy’s little boy is five or six years old but, as he gets older, it can cause all kinds of issues with his transition into adulthood. As Arterburn put it, these scenarios can sow the seeds of “dependency and emotional incest,” which the son will grow to resent. He will struggle to relate to a young woman. And any female that gets involved with this young “man” will likely get used—mentally, emotionally, financially and even sexually.

You might be thinking, “Jaye, why are you talking about Mama’s Boys?” Well, they aren’t the only ones with this type of background. Several of the other types of “Mr. Wrong” personalities have these issues. For instance, The Eternal Kid looks for a woman who will take care of him while Mr. Wonderful’s initial charm and flare mask the fact that his emotional age is between one and six years old.

As sobering as this news is (particularly if you’re a single woman), the optimist in me sees this as an opportunity. If you have a son and you’re exhibiting these patterns, you can stop. If you’re a woman who started dating a man like this, you can run. If you’re a writer trying to create memorable characters, you should have fun pulling adventures from a man who’s still looking for Mommy.

About the Author

The world of entertainment has always been a priority for Jacksonville, Florida native Jaye Cheríe. Her unwavering passion for music and movies led her to photograph, interview and write articles on entertainers and personalities.

After working on her writing skills and receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Cheríe embraced the challenge of helping to build a new fashion/beauty magazine. It was there that she, not only played a fundamental role in its launch, but also decided to follow her instinct and return to her entertainment pursuits.

Her lifelong interest came into focus when she formally created Entertainment Wire. Entertainment Wire is an online media that covers news, reviews and interviews in pop and urban culture. Since 2006, Cheríe has reviewed movies and music, interviewed entertainers and kept audiences informed on celebrity news.

Jaye is currently an author with Strebor Books, Inc, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Her debut novel, The Golddigger’s Club, was released in Mass Market December 2013. Her second novel, The Cost of Love and Sanity, came out this month and is currently on tour with TLC Book Tours.


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