Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Men's Fashion: Dockers Game Day Khakis!

Dockers's new men's Game Day Khakis are every college sports fan's dream. This new line of men's long khakis are tailored to your favorite team's colors, so you can wear your team pride loud and proud!

As a devoted college football fan, I knew I had to get involved with this new line, but I didn't see any of MY teams! However, LSU did catch my eye—and it just happens to be my best friend, Mason's, favorite team. He has a bit of a legacy going on; his parents graduated from there, his older brothers graduated from there, and he currently attends LSU now, so I just had to make him try these for me. I couldn't resist... and frankly, neither could he *grin* Geaux Tigers!

Dockers Game Day Khakis are currently available for ten teams all over the country, and they're planning on expanding soon, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on this line. Each team's khakis are available in two colors—including their most prominent school color, as well as the traditional "khaki" shade.
Louisiana State's look like this:
Mason was blessed to be given a sample of those bright yellow pants you see above LOL! I'm sorry, technically it's called "Louisiana Gold," let's be politically correct here. But it's still a tough color to show off without looking like a little Easter chick! :D

But you know what? He loves his team so much, he made it work!

As with all of Dockers's top-of-the-line menswear, these khakis were perfect in terms of comfort and fit. In Mason's own words: "These felt like pants that I would wear every day to work or a nice outing. I would be more than willing to wear these to a game day party ... they are a bit formal so maybe not directly to a game, but they still look great."

He got over the color because he's used to bright chick yellow Louisiana Gold hoodies and sweatpants and whatnot, so in essence, I'd just given him a snazzier way to show his team pride.

I would love love love to see Dockers come up with a women's line. Khakis may not be popular for ladies' fashion, but maybe shorts, polo shirts, or even long socks. Who's ever been dissatisfied with the preppy shorts-and-long-socks looks? Even without my teams (Go Cal Bears! Hook 'em Horns!), I'd be more than happy to support my die-hard sports friends like Mason by wearing team apparel like this (I have an LSU t-shirt that he got me, so I'm already on my way!) and it's comforting to be able to depend on a brand like Dockers to emphasize team pride and men's trends.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Dockers via Canopi, but I was not paid to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine or Mason's alone.