Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Heart Review: Martin Boots from

The lovely people at allowed me to review one of the hottest products from their fall/winter women's fashion line, Suede Lace-Up Martin Boots! These are so popular that they are constantly selling out. Right now, they are only available in black, but I was lucky enough to snag a pair of brown ones before they sold out for the holidays:

Now, I've braved New England winters so I feel like I'm bragging when I say this, but here in California, it's STILL warm, even in December. The sun shines loyally everyday, which I'm obviously thankful for; we're still in the 50s and 60s on average *sly grin*

So accordingly, I paired these boots up with long charcoal socks and a pair of white shorts. It simply was not pants-and-boots weather.

However, if you live somewhere chillier, these would look more than swanky with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. 

This review will only show off my shorts and the sunny warm weather, however ;-)

As you can see, these Martin Boots have a substantial wedge heel to them. It's a little under four inches including the platform, but I would hardly even call it a platform. There's still a steep nearly-four-inch incline to the soles, so it's like wearing a pair of regular high-heel boots, rather than wedges.

That speaks for how comfortable they were—or rather, how uncomfortable. They fit perfectly—the round toe design shapes my feet nicely and the inner material is thick and plushy—but after a few hours of walking in them, my feet felt like HELL. As if I'd been strutting around campus in pumps, which, I essentially had been.

See how narrow the wedge is? These were not made for comfort, my dears.

I had blisters at the balls of my feet by the end of the day... nothing I haven't encountered with heels before, but nonetheless disheartening. I was hoping these could be an everyday-wear type of shoe.

In retrospect, I should have looked at the above picture and rationalized what effect they'd have on my feet; I have enough high-heel experience and should have known better.
But alas, they were too stinkin' cute, so I guess I wasn't thinking properly!

Excuse the horrid mess in the background and my subpar photography. I'm a fashion addict, not an artist.

I pride myself in keeping all these pictures unretouched and unedited, but then I look at the quality of them... and am embarrassed to think they need to be retouched and need to be edited. I should invest in a new camera, huh? And maybe even a boutique photographer?

Alternatively, Martin Boots can be worn folded down, like shown in the catalog picture.


Gorgeous! // Versatile—can be worn with pants, leggings, shorts, skirts, dresses! The possibilities are endless // High heel provides a nice height boost // Fuzzy, warm inner lining // Laces and rivets are cute


Feel like walking in regular high heels—not for walking around a lot in! // Gave me blisters :( // Suede looks like it would stain easily, since it isn't genuine leather


I can safely say these boots make up one of my favorite fall looks. They're extremely versatile; acceptable for not-so-cold weather in Cali, as well as for harsher winter weather up north. They look good with anything! In my opinion, heeled boots like these are a closet staple, even if you can't wear them too often. They make a wardrobe really pop! However, because of the issue of discomfort, I can't say these boots are for everyone. They're adorable and work well for occasional autumn outfits, but if you're looking for a casual, everyday boot, these are not the best option Americanflag

7 hearts: Not perfect, but overall worth it (x)

And I leave you with my awkward crouch photos that I don't really know how to explain:

So I just won't explain them. 
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What do you guys think about these boots?

What kind of boots do you like best? Browse around and find a pair you adore, or tell me about your favorite go-to boots!