Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Heart Review: Bound by Prophecy by Melissa Wright and Giveaway!

Bound by Prophecy (Descendants #1)
Melissa Wright

Page Count: 249

Release Date: 19 April 2013
Publisher: self-published
Source: Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review as part of the Itching for Books virtual book tour (thank you!)
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Twenty-two-year-old Aern is done watching his brother destroy the only thing that matters. He never wanted to take Morgan’s place among council, never wanted to rule their hidden world. But when the key to the prophecy is found, a young girl named Brianna whom Morgan will destroy, Aern knows he has to take action. What he really wants, is for things to go back to normal. But now he’s kidnapped a girl, and his brother’s men are after him. His only hope is to join with the Division, but they have plans of their own, and it’s the last thing Aern is willing to do.

Emily just wants her sister back. She doesn't care about the prophecy, or realize what’s at stake. But when she goes after Aern, the truth of the matter uncoils, and Brianna isn't the only one who’s in danger.

Suddenly, they’re at the center of a secret war, and unless they can work together, they’ll both have a sacrifice too big to make.


Aern seeks to protect Emily, a refugee of his kind, as well as a great secret of an omnipotent prophecy under the care of the Council. He refuses to join the Division—a darker, more corrupt ordeal—even though both authorities may hold the key to the future's safety—and not to mention his own. His struggle with his identity, bloodline, and his vengeful evil brother will all make his job harder, that's for sure... but it's the elusive and ever-obscure prophecy itself—the one he trusted wholly and upon which he depended—that will surprise him.

Wright builds a beautifully dangerous and complex fantasy world, but her characters lack realistic development and sympathetic touch. I couldn't relate to or get myself to like any of them. They felt detached, robotic, and it feels like they were only formed solely on paper. This made the plot difficult to follow and moreover, rather uninteresting; if I don't like the characters, I'm not going to like the story. 

Most of the book is composed of explanation of Aern's dark world, and a back-and-forth exchange between Emily's destiny and Aern's role in it. Thus, I felt there was way too much talk and hardly any action. Even from the beginning, I felt like I had walked into the story in medias res; there was so much unexplained and uneventful stuff going on (which I assumed would later be elaborated upon, as part of the climax, but alas, it wasn't) and it just didn't click with me. I was impressed by the few action sequences present, though; they are cleverly simulated and don't skimp on the blood and vicious good vs. evil interaction.

I love the different powers that these descendants of ancient masters possess. Wright imaginatively portrays the magical elements of the characters who struggle to survive. 


Suspenseful // Doesn't hold back on the danger and violence // Fully developed and fascinating urban fantasy world // Lots of plot twists I didn't see coming


Boring most of the time // Dialogue-driven but weak in plot // Unrealistic and unexpected romance // Unmemorable characters // Bland, ordinary writing style // Anticlimactic


I had trouble keeping up with Bound by Prophecy because most of dialogue, characters, and style are inadvertently boring. It flows in sequence and isn't hard to comprehend, it's just hard to really become immersed in. This first installment of the Descendants series does have its redeeming points, including a well-instigated paranormal setting and exciting powers, but overall, nothing blew me away Americanflag

5 hearts: Doesn't particularly light any of my fires; I feel indifferent about this book (x)


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