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Save One Life, Seed a Generation, by Benjamin Berkley and Giveaway!


Against My Will is the life changing novel about Danielle, a victim of marital abuse, who finds the strength to leave her husband and pursue a career in law.

Danielle Landau knows she should feel lucky, but she can’t feel anything but dread. Not only did she pass the New York Bar, but she married the man her father says is just right for her and lives in a fashionable new loft in Queens. But the man who seems like the perfect catch is a perfect nightmare at home. Jacob tries to control her career, her daily routine, and even what she eats. He ignores her desires and belittles her every chance he gets. Soon, Danielle doesn’t recognize her husband or herself, and she struggles to find a way out.

Danielle tries to talk to her father but he dismisses her marital problems. But she can confide in her Nana Rose, a Holocaust survivor who lost her entire family at the hands of the Nazis. Rose helped raise Danielle and her brother when their mother died when Danielle was only three. Having faced death, Rose is Danielle’s source of security. But while Danielle holds on to the fragile belief that her father’s prince charming will change, she is raped by her husband on the night of their one year wedding anniversary.

Now, Danielle has to escape. And with the help of her beloved Nana, Danielle moves across the country and starts to rebuild her life. But will she be able to escape her past? And when one of her clients finds herself in the same terrible situation, will Danielle have the strength to help her?

As we follow Danielle on her journey of terror and recovery, we see her story intersect with the diary entries of her Nana as a young girl held captive in a concentration camp. The entries begin with Rose waking up in a hospital after the liberation of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Graphically she recounts the train ride to the camp and the emotional separation of her from her family upon arrival. And the full weight of the family’s secrets becomes clear. This is a story of survival, self-discovery, justice, and ultimately, it’s about love.

What "Save One Life, Seed a Generation" Means to Me

There are many themes that run through my book, Against My Will, including women's rights, justice, and survival. But there is one quote that first appears on page 120: "Save one life, seed a generation," and it is my hope that this quote stays with the reader long after the book is closed.

The quote is spoken by Irene, the housekeeper of the Nazi Commandant who single-handedly spared Rose from the death camp where her mother and father met their ultimate fate. Although the book is fiction, the character Irene is based on a client that I represented. Irene had sought my legal assistance as she had written a book about her ordeal during the Holocaust. She was meticulously dressed with white coiffed hair and although soft-spoken and somewhat difficult to understand, her story captivated me.

Irene came to me because she was having problems with her publisher who was trying to take advantage of her. Irene's book was eventually published, the television newsmagazine 20/20 did a featured story about her, and she was later recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Gentile.

The quote is so meaningful because, but for the brave acts of Irene and so many others during this darkest part of our history, there would not be a next generation. A generation that saw Rose marry and have a daughter who then had Danielle, the principal character of my book. And as you read Against My Will, it is Danielle who struggles for her own survival just like her grandmother Rose did some seventy years earlier.

I hope you enjoy the book.

About the Author

Benjamin Berkley is the author of four self-help books: My Wishes: Your Plan for Organizing Your Family’s Needs, The Complete Executor’s Guide: Winning Your Social Security Disability Case, and Before You Say I Do Again: A Buyer’s Beware Guide to Remarriage. Against My Will is Benjamin Berkley’s fifth book and debut novel. 

And though writing is his passion, for over 34 years he has conducted a busy law practice in which he has seen many interesting clients come through his door. One in particular, an older woman with white hair, the kindest smile, and an amazing story became the inspiration for one of his characters for Against My Will. Berkley lives in southern California with his wife Phyllis and their cat Riley. He has two grown children and is always bragging about his most beautiful grandson and granddaughter.


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