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Luke Young

Page Count: 230

Release Date: 5 November, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace (self-published)

Filled with passion, longing, surprises and humor, Friends With Partial Benefits, the first novel in the four-book series, is hard to put down and will leave you laughing out loud and slightly sleep deprived.

Jillian Grayson is a disillusioned divorcée and best-selling romance novelist who suddenly can't write a chapter without her hunky male heartthrob suffering ED, an STD, or even worse. Brian Nash is a tennis-obsessed college senior who's unlucky in love and the roommate and best friend of Jillian's son, Rob. When Rob brings Brian home for Spring Break, and Brian meets the surprisingly young and tennis passionate Jillian, their shared interest quickly develops into an intense mutual attraction. After nearly giving in to their feelings, they hatch a plan, while under the influence (of something more than just the perfect Miami night), to be Friends With Partial Benefits, complete with rules to define the boundaries. Will the lonely pair continue with this distinctive relationship, actually explore their desires, or discover all of it is a really bad idea?

Clearly Written by a Man

Guilty as charged... I'm a guy and I write humorous contemporary romance novels. My books have received a couple of those "It was CLEARLY written by a MAN!" reviews as if that, in and of itself, were a bad thing. In one review, I actually was criticized for using the "P" word for that incredibly sexy part of the female anatomy that E.L. James affectionately and un-explicitly refers to as "Down There!" But, for the most part, women actually seem to like my take on this genre. I think writing a review where I'm attacked for being a man, clearly screams, as Billy Crystal eloquently put it in, When Harry Met Sally, "You obviously haven't had any good sex yet!" I mean could that be it? Or could the reviewers' experiences with men in general be so horrible that they can’t wrap their minds around a man tapping into this mostly female driven genre. Or were they just having a bad day? Unfortunately, as an author, I never know.

Thankfully overall the reviews of my book have been mostly positive and there are even some readers that can't seem to get enough; ones who have read all four books in the series over a few days. It's been the most flattering and rewarding experience of my life. Knowing that people are laughing over what I’ve written and getting strange looks on the subway or from their spouses in bed is an amazing feeling.

I tell people my books are like Sex And The City meets American Pie and if they enjoy that kind of humor then they should like my books. Because of the explicit nature or my novels and since I have three kids in high school, I use a pen name, actually two because I use a separate one for the more explicit versions of the series. My kids only know that I've got books out there (not the pen names) and my wife hasn't read more than a chapter. That's a long story, for another time...

I have a real job and only a few people where I work know about the books; generally I keep it quiet. There have been times I've let people know and never heard from them again. So excuse me if I'm a little gun shy. I mean I'm writing about sex, and people can get a little unnerved by all that. If I were writing gruesome police procedurals where some monster was dismembering bodies that would be just fine dinner conversation, but mention one cock getting anywhere near one pussy (oh there I go using the P word again... okay, I admit it, I like using that word, most of the other options are either too clinical or too dirty) and you could have a problem on your hands. Add a second cock into the mix and wow.. I don’t even want to think about the shit storm that might generate.

So am I persecuted because I write about penises and vaginas and I don't have the latter? Why yes, yes I think I am. I do think my take on sex is completely "CLEARLY written by a MAN!" It is exactly that, but it's a caring, thoughtful, desperately wanting to please a woman first, type of man. I'm not without my male induced flaws, I don't listen as much as I should, I probably don't always notice my wife's slight change in hairstyle or new outfit, but I'm a guy after all. I've got blood rushing to places at times where it's really not needed and that can really put a strain on one's mental clarity. And with my writing, sure I get in the heads of the male characters with a little more ease than their "Down There" equipped counterparts, but I think I can see the women's point of view as well. I believe my writing style is quite unique. I'm not claiming that I write like a woman, only that I'm probably embarrassingly a little too in touch with my feminine side. So excuse me while my balls retract just a bit more.

There are women out there who claim a man just can’t write romance the same way a woman can. I beg to differ. Well if admiring the woman you love from afar, cooking with her, bringing her breakfast in bed, carrying her up to bed and tucking her in when she's had too much to drink and NOT taking advantage of her, rubbing her feet, searching for the perfect gift for her, giving her a full body massage, driving ten hours just to tell her you love her and yes pleasing every fucking inch of her with your fingers, tongue and one particular male part isn't romantic, well, then, then just chop off my you know and his twin wing men and I'll move to some other planet where the above crap is considered romantic. Wait scratch that, I'd better keep my you know and the twins in case I need them on this other planet...

Okay, now I'm all worked up and I need a drink. I mean, is romance supposed to be four hours of cuddling in front of the television and then four minutes of pretty lame sex or maybe no sex at all? If so, then I really don’t get it. I think I'm a romantic guy and I'm not always thinking about sex. I don't want to throw out any percentages, but I stand strongly by the statement that I am not 100% of the time thinking about sex. And I understand that not every innocent caring moment between a couple needs to end in sex. But, yes sometimes during a foot rub your hand inadvertently wanders up the calf then to a thigh and it might land on the actual womanly parts… To me that’s romance, the heat rising up between two people—the I've got to have you right now or I'm going to die moment. That's some pretty powerfully amazing stuff that I'd hate to live without.

And that's what I try to capture with my writing. The super-hot passionate moments, but also the funny ones as well. For example the times you tried something new and your partner was not quite on the same page as you. The times you were "tapped out" and asked questions like: Um, what the hell are you doing? Did you really just put your finger up there? or my personal favorite, Are you lost?

Sex often is amazing, but sometimes it's just enough already. Sometimes you just can't finish what you've started no matter how hard you try and it's funny. There are times when your partner bursts into laughter and says, "Okay just get the hell off of me, okay?" Sex isn't perfect, but it's really a whole lot of fucking fun. And without it, why are any of us here? Without that life is just all eating, sleeping, working and going to the bathroom—pretty boring stuff. Sign me up for some romance and if by God that means a little or hopefully a lot of super-hot sex, well, that's just the chance I'll have to take.

So yes, my books are "CLEARLY written by a MAN!" That's not to say that my manhood couldn't be more-clear, especially when viewed from let's say across a large room... I'm not sure where I was going with all that. Anyway, see my novel Shrinkage for more information about let's call them clear and not so clear "manhoods" and please check out my Friends With... Benefits series for my take on romance, man style.

About the Author

Luke Young is the Kindle-bestselling author of the Friends With... Benefits series as well as the novel Shrinkage.

Young's Friends With... Benefits novels are filled with passion, longing, comedy, and, yes, sex. His relationship comedies feature strong, sexy female characters—women who seize every opportunity for fun and don't let a little thing like age stand in the way of love or desire. In each book Young sets different wheels in motion, applying his comedic touch and pitch-perfect ear for playful couples' banter. The result is warm, funny, sexy storytelling at its best.

Young also writes "spicier" books under the pen name Ian Dalton. If you like your sexy comedy heavy on the sexy, be sure to check out Dalton's Victoria Wilde series. For more information on how Ian Dalton's Victoria Wilde series relates to the Friends With... Benefits series please see the Who Is Ian Dalton section of his website.


Thank you for a hilarious, insightful post from the male perspective, Luke. I look forward to reading the series!

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