Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to the Classics: Story of O

I have a special announcement today about Books à la Mode's very first blog meme! I know I'm infamous for being very anti-meme, but this one, I couldn't resist the moment I got the idea. Times are a-changin'!

It's no secret I love literary fiction, so writing about it at my blog—because I don't necessarily review my favorite books—would be a great way to express my thoughts. Here's the official introduction:

Back to the Classics features one book (or series) each week (or however often you choose to post) that you consider classic. It doesn't have to be a Greek classic or a Victorian novel... contemporary classics are always welcome!
This is a free meme, meaning there's no scheduled post dates, no requirements, no prompts—it's completely up to YOU what you decide to post. You're welcome to write a review, ramble in anticipation, make historical rundowns, or provide any other interesting content pertaining to the book you choose. This is supposed to be a fun way to fawn over your favorite books while sharing with your readers your preferences as well!

If you're interested, post Back to the Classics at your blog featuring a favorite classic of yours! Spruce it up a little by including the Back to the Classics banner (above), the official introduction (in quotes), and a link to Books à la Mode. Leave the link to your post in a comments section and I'll come check it out! I can't wait to see what the books y'all spotlight!

Now for this week's Back to the Classics...

A few weeks ago, I made a little teaser featuring The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure. This week, I've got another erotic book (I promise I'll branch out to tamer fiction next time!) that is a surefire classic of the 21st century.

Story of O
Anne Desclos as Pauline Réage

Page Count: 204 (newest edition)
Release Date: 1954 (first publication)
Publisher: Ballantine Books (newest edition)

The heroine, O, is a young, beautiful fashion photographer in Paris. One day her lover, Rene, takes her to a chateau outside Pairs, where she is enslaves, with Rene's approval, and systematically whipped and sexually assaulted by various men. Later, Rene turns O over to Sir Stephen, an English friend who intensifies the brutality, branding O on the buttocks and inserting a ring bearing both their names, in one of her labie. But the final humiliation is yet to come...

Story of O is the classic when it comes to literary erotic fiction. Also written by a renown novelist under a more enticing pen name, this is way before Anne Rice's era, way back when BDSM was clandestine, unnamable, and practically a sin. I've yet to read it, but it's stuffed somewhere in my moving boxes I never got to unpack because my apartment in Korea is so cramped :( The sinful French setting, the undeniable sadomasochism, and the danger of an unconditional style and topic intrigue me greatly, though, so I can't wait to try it!

Has anyone read Story of O? What did you think? What are some other classic pieces of literary erotica?

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