Saturday, August 4, 2012

thank god for attractive Olympians

Yeah, the attractive men aren't the only reason I'm watching the Summer Olympics tirelessly... sure...

Despite my fanaticism for hot athletes, I actually do watch the performances, thank you very much. Who caught the Great Britain vs. Korea soccer game last night? The shoot-out was intense... Korea did amazing! I'm all for Team GB (as you know hahahah) but Korea whooped their asses with a 5-4 penalty. I'm so proud of my country — GB's team is really good and we beat em!

Anyone see goalie Jack Butler's blue tongue? He kept sticking it out and making faces during the shoot-out to put the Korean players off.
Didn't work, motherfucker.

Now the most delicious favorite Olympians, some of which I've featured at ¡Miraculous! already:

Ryan Bertrand — shout-out: i sAW YOU ON TV YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL

Yong-Dae Lee — shout-out: played well yesterday babe :( Good effort, and always keep that smile on!!

Aaron Ramsey — shout-out: you did awesome last night!!!! Or... morning..... it was 4am for me. But ha. Can't be Korea~~~~~ ;)

and Tom Fucking Daley♥♥♥♥♥