Sunday, July 8, 2012

1. Graduate.
2. See the world.
3. Kiss someone beneath a waterfall.
4. Skydive.
5. Be somebody's the one.
6. Have a star named after me.
7. Save a life. (August 2012) erhh so I almost crushed my puppy with my bike but pulled him out of the way by the leash just in time. That counts, right?
8. Outlive a fantasy. (October 2011) It didn't have a fairy-tale ending but it went just as I wanted it to in my head for time enough.
9. Play role in a viral internet video (but not this).
10. Inspire someone. (December 2011) Someone told me my essays were inspiring. D'awww! :')
11. Meet Henry Cavill in person.
12. Marry him.
13. Have a penpal. (August 2011) YESSS. I love you, Christie, Ethan, Jess (sort of), and Carter! You guys are the best pen pals I could possibly ask for.
14. Attend a Coldplay concert.
15. Live somewhere that has breathtaking city lights. (July 2011) I'm finally urban-chic in the heart of South Korea? Works for me.
16. Find my soulmate.
17. Coin a term that everyone quotes.
18. Bungee jump.
19. Be asked for my autograph.
20. Thrash in a mosh pit. (June 2011) It happened on a fine summer's night.
21. Catch butterflies with my bare hands, then let them all go.
22. Break some hearts, rather than getting mine broken. (November 2010) Ha. Why did I ever want to do this.
23. Go on a gondola ride.
24. Say "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," in a completely appropriate situation.
25. Fly.
26. Be the girl in those love songs.
27. Live my life, leaving something behind that will outlast it.
28. Hold hands with a British boy 
29. Stand at the top of a pyramid.
30. Etch my lover's name into a tree trunk.
31. Press all the buttons on a full elevator. (February 2013) I'm naughty!
32. Learn to skateboard.
33. Experience magic.
34. Keep a dream diary.
35. Help a blind person cross the street.
36. Pick an apple off a tree and bite into it.
37. Lay on a memory foam mattress. (August 2012) My best friend got me one for my birthday. Is she amazing or what?!?!?!
38. Purchase a wall-to-wall bookshelf.
39. Fall asleep without the worry of tomorrow.
40. Watch a baby sea turtle hatch.
41. Swim over the Great Barrier Reef.
42. Abduct Pet a kangaroo while I'm there.
43. Or a koala.
44. Ride a motorcycle, clutching the waist of a boy in front of me.
45. Reenact the kiss from The Notebook.
46. Get inside a guy's head. (Ongoing) Apparently I am notorious at this.
47. Have somebody named after me. (August 2011) My friend's little brother named his rabbit Stephanie after me LOL!
48. Own a Jeep.
49. Go caroling.
50. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping. (May 2011) Sweet ol' Pennsylvania.
51. Do a (successful) cartwheel.
52. Wakeboard.
53. In Oahu.
54. Slap a bitch.
55. Point at the Northern Lights.
56. Slow dance (NOT at a school formal).
57. Take a walk to remember.
58. Throw my bouquet.
59. Pose for a boudoir photoshoot.
60. Satisfy everyone.
61. Write a novel.
62. Receive a makeover.
63. Be remembered as someone who could mend the broken hearts of everyone around her, even if she couldn't mend her own.
64. Meet the piercing eyes of a dangerous guy in a crowded room. (September 2011) This may not end well.
65. Learn from my failures. (Ongoing) Always, always.
66. Host a tea party with real crumpets.
67. Volunteer at the homeless shelter.
68. Fill a jar with fireflies.
69. Taste umami. (Ongoing) Nutella, Kashi GoLean Crunch, coconut macaroons, pad thai, baked zuchini, mantou buns, helloooo.
70. Feed a baby elephant.
71. Cruise down Route 66 in a Lamborghini (preferably mine) with the top down.
72. Shoot a paintball gun.
73. See the inside of a famous band's tour bus.
74. Be serenaded in the moonlight.
75. Let my heart decide for once.
76. Hit Vegas and leave a bruise.
77. Cheer for Argentina at the World Cup.
78. Cheer for my kid at his or her soccer game.
79. Cover my bedroom walls with posters.
80. Record my pillow talk. (October 2011)
81. Stare at a hot stranger. (Ongoing) I do this everyday, come to think of it.
82. And be the second one to break eye contact.
83. Get my ears pierced.
84. Go vegetarian.
85. Learn fluent French.
86. Have a room with a view. (January 2013) Hellooo, Seoul!
87. Buy all the books in my hypothetical shopping cart (see list of hope).
88. Sponsor the child orphans, the hospitalized children, the foster children; the children who are so underprivileged, but still deserve to be cared for and loved. (Ongoing) Doing this every day, slowly, but steadily. Small maybe, but insignificant, I hope not.
89. Braid my own hair presentably.
90. Watch a shooting star fall and make a wish so that all of these damn wishes will come true.