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Monday, June 27, 2011

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: Why I Love Singlehood by Elisa Lorello and Sarah Girrell

Release Date: May 31st, 2011
Publisher: AmazonEncore 
Page Count: 356
Source: Complimentary copy provided by Little Bird Publicity in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (thank you!!)

Eva Perino is single and proud of it. So proud, in fact, that she regularly boasts about it in her blog, "Why I Love Singlehood". But upon learning of her ex-boyfriend's engagement, Eva discovers her foundation is weaker than her façade. So begins a clumsy (and occasionally uproarious) search for love as she secretly joins an online dating site, tries her hand at speed-dating, and gets involved with one of the regulars at her coffee shop, The Grounds. But the self-prescribed "experiment" quickly unravels as Eva witnesses the trials and tribulations of her best friend Minerva's marriage, her sister's suburban family, and the one guy she can't stop thinking about. Soon, Eva's simple search for a date becomes a deeper exploration of love—sexual, platonic, and familial—and a powerful examination of who (or what) is the true love of her life.

Sparkling with warmth and wit, Why I Love Singlehood is a charming and insightful must-read for anyone—single or otherwise—who has ever been stymied by love.
What Stephanie Thinks: Ever try to convince yourself that you're okay with being single? I certainly have. Though I'll admit being single has its perks, no matter what anyone says or tries to convince you otherwise, ultimately, being alone sucks.

Eva's been single for a while now, and rather than sulk about it, she
embraces it via her popular blog. She doesn't try to convince herself that singlehood rocks; she tries to convince everyone else, because no one seems to be buying it.

I mean, if you found out your ex—the man who you thought was going to be your one and only—was getting married, would you actually be happy?

My own relationship status is always complicated. I'm never "single", but I seldom am exclusively attached either, so I feel Eva's pain about trying to put on a
brave face. I don't go around telling everyone I'm happy being single, because to be honest, I'm not ever. Both Eva and her blog explain what a single gal can do in her spare time though, and that makes Why I Love Singlehood a fun, amicable read.

For starters, there are no consequences. Random hookups, late-night parties, sudden disappearances—you don't have to explain any of it! The fun of being single is being able to do anything you want and getting away with it. Eva discovers this on her
desperate search to venture out of singlehood, ironically.

The lengths Eva goes to to find her significant other—if he even is out there—and the
tolls taken on her life in the process, keep me hanging on to this cute chick-lit novel. Lorello and Girrell have a breezy way of telling a simple story. What doesn't click with me completely is how the book isn't really hysterical or heartwarming. It is a book, in the end, I hated to put down, I'll admit, but there were no scenes that had me rolling on the floor laughing, or in tears or anything. The characterization is weak; none of the characters, Eva and her friends included, I really like. I mean, they're pleasant enough, but the authors don't delve too deeply with them, making it hard to sympathize thoroughly. 
Eva's voice is intelligent, but I wouldn't call it witty. She's not really someone I would want to become friends with, but I feel she'd make a really good teacher or counselor.

Apart from the frail cast, this book is well-crafted and
hard to put down. The plot rambles all over the place, adventuring on Eva's speed dates and online dating (the horror!), but still makes sense in the end. Easy to relate to, this single woman's journey had me wondering how and if her fairy tale ending would come into place.

If you've ever questioned why you were alone on a Friday night, Why I Love Singlehood will
inspire you to find someone to love. Sometimes, it's all right being single, but life is meant for loving others. With the support of her loving friends, family, and Mr. Right—the one who has been there all along—Eva Perino shows readers the ups and downs of singlehood, as well as the importance of putting yourself out there to find the one who you're meant to be with.

Stephanie Loves: "'Sometimes I'm just consumed by this overwhelming desire to be part of something beautiful in the world,' [Minerva] said. 'Something so good that it touches people, really changes them.' She put her highlighter down and nailed me with one of her classic, piercing Minerva looks. 'And it's not because I want to be knows as That Person who did That Thing. It's because I want to know that somewhere someone is smiling, and even if I never see them or never know it, I was a part of that.'"

Radical Rating: 8 hearts: An engaging read; highly recommended. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥