Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Organized (you heard me!)
Books: alphabetically by author's last name → series order → book title.
Music: alphabetically by artist's name, then album or song title; denoted by ♪♫.

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Aaron, Hugh – Stories from a Lifetime
Adams, Gemini – The Facebook Diet
Agnew, Paige – Starless Sky
Ahern, Cecelia – One Hundred Names
Albom, Mitch – The First Phone Call from Heaven
Allen, Gregory G. – Well with My Soul
Almonte, Mario – Theresa Manning
Annechino, D.M. – They Never Die Quietly
Armentrout, Jennifer L. – Wait for You
Armentrout, Jennifer L. – Be With Me
Arnold, Liz – Message to Love
Atticus – Love Her Wild

Bacher, Miche – Cooking with Flowers
Bagieu, Pénélope – Exquisite Corpse
Banks, Becky – The Legend of Lady MacLaoch
Banks, Maya – Hidden Away
Banks, Maya – Mastered
Banks-Martin, Georgia Ann – Rhapsody for Lessons Learned or Remembered
Barnes, Eric – Something Pretty, Something Beautiful
Baron, Michael – Leaves
Barrett, Jean – Not Without You
Barker, Lisa – Inheritance
Barton, Chad – The Goodbye Man
Beaudoin, Marie-Nathalie – The Skill-ionaire in Every Child
Black, Chuck – Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor
Block, Sandra – Little Black Lies
Bloome, Indigo – Destined to Play
Blue, Violet – Sweet Confessions (anthology)
Bolton, Gwyneth – Sizzling Seduction
Borissova, Borislava – The Starlight Prince
Bowen, Jess – Breaking Point
Bowen, J.L. – Healer
Braziel, Jamie Lynn – Declaring Spinsterhood
Brody, Phil – The Holden Age of Hollywood
Brosh, Allie – Hyperbole and a Half
Brown, Don – Fire of the Raging Dragon
Brown, Eric S. – The War of the Worlds, Plus Blood, Guts, and Zombies
Burton, Natasha (et al.) – The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags

Cabot, Meg – The Bride Wore Size 12
Callahan, Tess – April & Oliver
Cantrell, Elaine – Purple Heart
Carillo, Charlie – One Hit Wonder
Carlyle, Liz – The Bride Wore Scarlet
Carmack, Cora – Finding It
Carr, Robyn – Four Friends
Carr, Robyn – The Life She Wants
Cassada, Carol – Westmore
Cavinder, Timothy – The Finding
Charbonneau, Joelle – Murder for Choir
Chase, Jack – The Magruder Transplant
Clark, Mindy Starns (et al.) – The Amish Midwife
Cohen, Joshua C. – Leverage
Coon, Kyle L. – What I Learned Under the Sun
Cornwell, Sarah – What I Had Before I Had You
Cowie, Norm – Fang Face
Crawford, Katherine Scott – Keowee Valley
Cristofano, David – The Girl She Used to Be
Croxton, Claire – Redneck Ex

Daniels, B.J. – Justice at Cardwell Ranch
Deen, Natasha – What Happens in Vegas
DeLuca, Alison – The Night Watchman Express
DeLuca, Alison – The Devil's Kitchen
Dewey, Laurel – Revelations
Devlin, Delilah – High-Octane Heroes (anthology)
Devlin, Delilah – Smokin' Hot Firemen (anthology)
Donovan, Susan – Cheri On Top
Downs, Robert – Falling Immortality
Drummond, India – Blood Faerie
Due, Becky – The Dumpster

Echols, Jennifer – Biggest Flirts
Echols, Jennifer – Perfect Couple
Echols, Jennifer – Dirty Little Secret
Etter, Shane – Bottom Dwellers
Evanovich, Stephanie – Big Girl Panties
Evanovich, Stephanie – The Sweet Spot

Faubion, John – Friend Me
Faye, Jennifer – The Return of the Rebel
Ferraro, Tina – Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress
Fields, Joya – Beneath the Surface
Fleet, Robert – Salt City
Foley, Bridget – Hugo and Rose
Ford, Jamie – Songs of Willow Frost
Forsythe, Sadie S. – The Weeping Empress
Fraiberg, Jordanna – Our Song
Friedland, Elyssa – Love and Miss Communication
Fullbright, Lee – The Angry Woman Suite

Gaiman, Neil – The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Galen, Shana – The Rogue's Pirate Bride
Galen, Shana – If You Give a Rake a Ruby
Galvan, Ismael – Blubber Island
Garcia, S.A. – Baron's Last Hunt (eBook quickie)
Gelles-Cole, Sandi – The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe
Giffin, Emily – Heart of the Matter
Gill, Carole – The House on Blackstone Moor
Goeld, Rick – Sex, Lies, and Soybeans
Goldberg, Amanda (et al.) – Beneath a Starlet Sky
Goodwin, Daisy – Victoria
Gorman, Ursula – Old Acquaintances 
Green, M. Terry – Shaman, Healer, Heretic
Green, M. Terry – Shaman, Friend, Enemy
Green, M. Terry – Shaman, Sister, Sorceress
Green, Sandy – The Tide Changers
Griffin, J.M. – Faerie Cake Dead
Griffin, J.M. – Murder on Spyglass Lane
Gubany, Paul L. – A Return to Abundance: Book 1
Gul, Hamidah – Anthology I: The Other Side
Gurtler, Janet – The Truth About Us

Haddock, Nancy – Always the Vampire
Hannah, Kristin – Firefly Lane
Harper, Dani – Changeling Moon
Harper, Dani – Changeling Dream
Harrell, Alyssa K. – Demi and the Dolphins
Harry and Alfie – Chasing Rubies ♪♫
Hartinger, Brent – Geography Club
Hartinger, Brent – The Elephant of Surprise
Harvey, Emily Sue – Homefires
Harvey, Emily Sue – Song of Renewal
Hatcher, Robin Lee – Belonging
Hatcher, Robin Lee – Betrayal
Hawke, Ethan – The Hottest State
Haynes, Natalie – The Furies
Heasley, Gwendolyn – Don't Call Me Baby
Henry, Patti Callahan – And Then I Found You
Hess, Jeanne – Sportuality
Higgins, Kristan – My One and Only
Higgins, Kristan – Until There Was You
Housholder, David – The Blackberry Bush
Howard, Amalie – Waterfell

Il Volo – We Are Love ♪♫
Inclán, Jessica Barksdale – How to Bake a Man

Jackson, Joshilyn – Someone Else's Love Story
Jackson, Lisa – Devious
James, EL – Fifty Shades of Grey
James, EL – Fifty Shades Darker
James, EL – Fifty Shades Freed
Jameson, Lauren – Blush
Jameson, Lauren – Breathe
Jaramillo, John Paul – The House of Order
Jay, Stacey – Undead Much?
Jensen, Megg – Anathema
Jones, Jenny B. – Save the Date
Jordan, Sophie – Foreplay
Jorgensen, Edmund – Speculation
Joyce, Rachel – Perfect

Kahn, Larry – King of Paine
Kane, Ashlyn – American Love Songs
Kasischke, Laura – Mind of Winter
Kaufman, Lory S. – The Lens and the Looker
Kaufman, Lory S. – The Bronze and the Brimstone
Kaye, Laura – Forever Freed
Keefer, Sean – The Trust
Kenneally, Miranda – Racing Savannah
Kerr, Jolie – My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag
Kiernan, Stephen – The Curiosity
Kilpack, Josi S. – Blackberry Crumble
Kincaid, Kimberly – Sugar and Spice
Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown ♪♫
Klein, Allen – Words of Love
Kramer, Kieran – Loving Lady Marcia
Krieger, Larry – AP/SAT II US History in a Flash
Kushner, Dale M. – The Conditions of Love

LaRocca, Kimberly – A Black Girl's Poetry for the World
Laverentz, Liana – Ashton's Secret
Laverentz, Liana – Jake's Return
Laverentz, Liana – Thin Ice
Layne, Lauren – Only with You
Learner, Tobsha – Tremble
Lee, Cavanaugh – Save as Draft
Levithan, David – The Lover's Dictionary
Lindor, Hans – I Am Going Where I Belong
Lippman, Laura – After I'm Gone
Locricchio, Matthew – Teen Cuisine
Long, Terri Giuliano – In Leah's Wake
Lorello, Elisa (et al.) – Why I Love Singlehood
Lorentzen, Bent – Dragon's Moon
Lowe, E. Van – Earth Angel
Lynn, J. – Wait for You
Lynn, J. – Be With Me

Magid, Paul H. – Lifting the Wheel of Karma
Mah, Amy – Fangs Rule
Mallery, Susan – Only Mine
Marestaing, Alex – Izzy's Pop Star Plan
Marlowe, Deb – How to Marry a Rake
Masannek, Joachim – The Wild Soccer Bunch: Diego the Tornado
Matar, Hisham – In the Country of Men
McAdams, Molly – Forgiving Lies
McCloy, Kristin – Hollywood Savage
McClure, Beverly Stowe – Listen to the Ghost
McGovern, Kate – Rules for 50/50 Chances
McKenna, Lindsay – Deadly Silence
McKinnon, Hannah – Mystic Summer
Meeks, Christopher – Love at Absolute Zero
Meldrum, Christina – Amaryllis in Blueberry
Metz, Julie – Perfection
Miers, Alison – Charlinder's Walk
Mikkelsen, Anne Cutter (et al.) – Take Charge of Parkinson's Disease
Mitchell, Rain – Tales from the Yoga Studio
Moran, Eleanor – The Last Time I Saw You
Morgan, Kass – The 100
Morgan, Kass – Day 21
Morin, Donna Russo – The Secret of the Glass

Napolitano, Andrew P. – Lies the Government Told You
Netzel, Stacey Joy – Lost in Italy
Netzel, Stacey Joy – Shattered Trust
Nicolai, Mel – The Case

O'Brien, Dan – Bitten
O'Brien, Dan – The Journey

Paris, B.A. – Behind Closed Doors
Parker, Amy Christine – Gated
Parkinson, Judy – Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pajamas
Patino, Ernesto – Web of Secrets
Patrick, Anne – Lethal Dreams
Pekkanen, Sarah – Skipping a Beat
Perini, Robin – In Her Sights
Perini, Robin – Behind the Lies
Perry, Mary Hart – The Wild Princess
Pershall, Stacy – Loud in the House of Myself
Peterson, SJD – Lorcan's Desire

Quick, Matthew – The Good Luck of Right Now
Quinn, Julia – Just Like Heaven

Rayne, Barbara – Nette
Reisz, Tiffany – The Siren
Reisz, Tiffany – The Angel
Renham, Lynda – Wedding Cake to Turin
Richman, Alyson – The Lost Wife
Rodriguez, Ephraim – Blood & Water
Rommel, Keith – The Cursed Man
Rose, M.J. – The Hypnotist
Rote Jr., Kyle (et al.) – Living Life in the Zone
Roth, Audrey – Arms Akimbo
Rouda, Kaira – Here, Home, Hope
Rozner, Holly – Trade Secrets

Saxton, Mike – 7 Scorpions: Rebellion
Schroeder, Lisa – All We Have Is Now
Schumann, Gloria – Called Home: Two Hearts Answer
Serrano, Judy – Easter's Lilly
Shaffer, Mary Ann (et al.) – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Shannon, Del – Kevin's Point of View
Shepard, Sara – The Heiresses
Shortridge, Jennie – Love Water Memory
Showalter, Gena – The Darkest Surrender
Shreve, Anita – Where or When
Smith, Becca – Riser
Smith, Helen – Alison Wonderland
Snow, Tiffany A. – Blank Slate
Snow, Tiffany A. – No Turning Back
Snow, Tiffany A. – Turn to Me
Snow, Tiffany A. – Turning Point
Still, Suzan – Commune of Women
Stine, R.L. – Eye of the Fortuneteller
Stone, Katherine – Bel Air
Stone, Katherine – Roommates
Summy, Barrie – I So Don't Do Makeup
Szereto, Mitzi – Red Velvet and Absinthe (anthology)

Tachna, Ariel – Once in a Lifetime
Taggart, Caroline – An Apple a Day
Taylor, G.P. – The First Escape
Terrill, Cristin – All Our Yesterdays
Thomas, David – Remember Why You Play
Thompson, LaVerne – Promises
Thomson, Azuka – Dark Patches
Treanor, Marie – Blood on Silk
Treanor, Marie – Blood Sin
Treanor, Marie – Blood Eternal
Trumble, J.H. – Just Between Us
Tucker, K.A. – He Will Be My Ruin
Tucker, Sarah – The Younger Man
Tyler, Alison – G Is for Games (anthology)
Tyler, Alison – Playing With Fire (anthology)

Vaccariello, Liz – 21-Day Tummy
Vaccariello, Liz – The Digest Diet Cookbook
Vernick, Shirley Reva – Remember Dippy
Vizzini, Ned (et al.) – House of Secrets
Vizzini, Ned – The Other Normals

Wallace, Sandra Neil – Muckers
Walsh, Therese – The Moon Sisters
Walter, Wally – What Daddy Did Today
Waugh, Daisy – Bordeaux Housewives
Wax, Wendy – Ten Beach Road
Wax, Wendy – Ten Beach Road (revisited)
Wax, Wendy – Ocean Beach
Weatherfield, Molly – Carrie's Story
Weatherfield, Molly – Carrie's Story (revisited)
West, Margaret – Two Faces, One Life
Wickham, Madeleine – Sleeping Arrangements
Wilde, Lori – Love with a Perfect Cowboy
Woods, Sherryl – Beach Lane
Wright, Melissa – Bound by Prophecy
Wright, Kristina – xoxo: Sweet and Sexy Romance (anthology)

Zailckas, Koren – Mother, Mother
Zevin, Gabrielle – Elsewhere