Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i hate people

Unfollowing. I will never understand why people do this. I realize there are people who follow my blog just because of bloghops. But there are also beautiful fabulous spectacular people who follow my blog just for the heck of it (Lord help them). If you're one of the latter people, this message totally isn't directed towards you.

I work hard to keep my blog updated and my readers happy. I check for comments, make posts that aren't JUST reviews, and try to interact with everyone as much as I can. I recently changed my giveaway rules so entrants don't have to be followers via Google Friend Connect because to be honest, the number of followers a blog has is not directly correlated to its readership. It takes one click of a button to "follow" a blog, but it takes a daily visit to truly keep up with it. I know, because there are a bunch of blogs I read on a daily basis, even if I'm not following them on GFC.

But then it's like, if you already are following, why would you take the extra step to unfollow my blog? It's not the follower count I'm concerned about, but knowing someone would deliberately press a button to unsubscribe to my sweat and tears is a cold slap in the face. Does my content annoy you? I really don't post that often. Does it offend you? Obviously, you're a little anal about anything that isn't completely kosher/virgin/chaste. Do you just hate having a long list of random websites on your "Blogs I'm Following" list that my blog happens to be on? Well, you're an asshole for following a random blog in the first place.

Every time I lose a follower, I'm like this

Bitch, you ruined my day

I'm going on a rant about this because it's not one or two followers I've lost. Ultimately, I've lost about twenty or thirty. It's hard to keep definite track, as I gain followers every day too (love you all!!), but people do unfollow regularly, I've noticed.

Thank you to the loyal followers, the ones who always keep coming back for more.

Fuck you I'm sorry to the straying followers who couldn't seem to endure what I offer. I hope you'll find what you're looking for elsewhere.

 I can't force every visitor into signing a contract saying "I PROMISE TO NEVER UNFOLLOW THIS BLOG, EVER" (though it would be nice). As a blogger, I'm assuming you won't leave me alone with just my words for company. It saddens me because the worst part is, most of the unfollowers probably don't even know how much their simple actions hurt me.

Ultimately, this is how I react to those lost readers
But it's no use because they're already gone.