Saturday, November 27, 2010

❤Music Review: Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon

Come Around Sundown
Kings of Leon

Genre: Alternative Rock

Run Time: 47:27
Release Date: 15 October, 2010
Label: RCA Records (Sony Music Entertainment)
Source: Purchased

Limited deluxe two CD edition includes a bonus CD containing three additional tracks. 2010 release, the highly anticipated fifth album from the American Alt-Rock heroes. Come Around Sundown was recorded in New York at Avatar Studios and produced by Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King. The album is the follow-up to the hugely successful Only By The Night, which sold over six million copies worldwide and garnered four Grammy Awards and two Brits, and is yet another bold and expansive statement by the Tennessee-based quartet.

Complete Track Listing

1. The End
2. Radioactive
3. Pyro
4. Mary
5. The Face
6. The Immortals
7. Back Down South
8. Beach Side
9. No Money
10. Pony Up
11. Birthday
12. Mi Amigo
13. Pickup Truck


Most people wouldn't assume this about me, but I'm a rock junkie. People ask me what type of music I like. They expect me to say pop (which is not even a real genre, to begin with). Or Ke$ha. Maroon 5. Bruno Mars. The truth is, yes, I do enjoy all the mentioned artists but it's only because they're unavoidable—I listen to whatever's on the radio and they are always on the radio.

I may be a generation or two ahead of myself, but if you take a look through my CD collection, the majority of it consists of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Carpenters, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, John Butler, classics, classics. Most of my friends are like, "Yeah, the Beatles are fucking LEGENDS, but if you scroll through my iPod, I'm only gonna have one or two songs by them on it, not one or two hundred.... wait a second, who the hell's Pink Floyd?" 

What's sad is, only one of my friends knows about Come Around Sundown. And he's in a band. I fell in love with Kings of Leon after I first heard "Use Somebody" in the car. It's fortunate I wasn't driving, or else I would have stopped in the middle of the road to listen to (and memorize) the entire song right then and there.

Then came last month's issue of Spin magazine. Kings of Leon, front cover, inside spread. Yessir. I read every word of the interview, and I knew I had to get their newest release. And so I did.

Fans expecting Come Around Sundown to be the new album of "Sex on Fire"s will be disappointed. Sorely disappointed. It doesn't make this one any lesser than the one before, but it's definitely different. To me though, that just displays the amazing versatility in voice, rhythm, and passion these guys carry.

You'll be stunned by how big of a range Kings of Leon will perform. Most of the negative reviews for the new album came out of the despondency of what they've become. They've evolved from the off-key tone of Caleb Followill backed up by chilling chords and catchy drumbeats, to a more mainstream, lyrical group. The album featured some bouts of punk ("The Immortals"—one of my favorites), country from their Nashville roots ("Back Down South"), and even gospel ("Radioactive"—another one of my favorites!). 

Kings of Leon is no longer just a rock band. Come Around Sundown is not by any means, the newer version of their successful preceding album, Only By the Night, but it is this: it is the vice, the virtue of this insouciant, elusive band. It is the end of a successful musical career, and the beginning of a preeminent musical empire. It is an enigma—not completely predictable, but totally, wholly astounding, and it will alter the way you think about alternative rock.

Fans (or so-called fans) complain that Kings of Leon has changed, and they're absolutely right; Kings of Leon will never be the same.

Radical Rating: 10 hearts: I'm speechless; this book is an extraordinarily amazingly wonderfully fantastically marvelous masterpiece. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

p.s. Jared Followill (bassist) is a BABE.