Sunday, October 3, 2010

Definitions of Love: What We Want

I am loved in your...
We are always happy.
Life is funny, isn't it?
You know you love me
Please enjoy this sweet day.
Bring me all your smiles
(I love you but I'll never tell)
Love because it is why you exist;
I bet you know it.
So after all these things you have put me through,
Tell me why, I'm still in love with you?
It's foolish so why?
You know how we go.
It's because the sun shines so bright
And while we sit here
I want you to know:
Through all the laughs, tears, pep talks, and rewarding nights we shared, I somehow fell in love.
That's what I say.
That's what we are.
And always, it's the way you look at me
When you think I'm not looking back.
It's the way you make me laugh
When I don't even want to smile.
It's the way I desire for you to hold me closer;
I want to hear your heart beat.
I've realized that maybe the reason I can't get you out of my mind
Is because you're supposed to be there
I want you to take me
And never let go
It's not only always, but also forever.

An original poem composed by yours truly
Um...I was looking through my old slushpile and came across this poetry "series" I made. Don't know what's more ridiculous, the poems themselves, or the fact that I about twelve when I wrote them.