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Monday, August 30, 2010

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: The Hottest State by Ethan Hawke

So I haven't updated Goodreads for at least a year. I've been reading, I've just been too lazy to review. So I'm gonna start again! I obviously can't review every book I read, but just for books I think deserve a review from me, or for books that I've been asked to review (if you are an author and would like to send me an ARC, send it on over! I'd love to read it and post a review!).

I found this book at Goodwill one day when I was scourging for used books. Most of the titles there are really weird (Reaching Heaven: You and Your Ways with God and the People Surrounding You. No thanks). But I found this one and saw the back cover. First of all, Ethan Hawke is quite the hunk (seriously). Maybe not anymore, but back when he was all hip and young, yeah. I didn't even know he had written novels, so being a fan of his movies, and his picture, I purchased the book for 12.5 cents (they were four books for 50 cents. Seriously! That's a good deal if I ever saw one. I highly recommend you go to your local Goodwill the next time you're in need of a good read. It's like a treasure hunt; most of the books there are slightly rubbish, but every once in a while, you find a real gem. Plus, you could save a fortune off of Barnes and Noble). I'm glad I did. Here is Ethan Hawke's The Hottest State: 

The Hottest State
Ethan Hawke

Page Count: 208
Release Date: 1 October, 1996
Publisher: Little, Brown (Hachette Book Group)
Source: Purchased at Goodwill

When William meets Sarah at a bar appropriately called the Bitter End, he is a few months short of his twenty-first birthday and about to act in his first movie. He is so used to getting what he wants that he has never been able to care too deeply for anyone. But all of that is about to change. And it is Sarah—bold and shy, seductive and skittish—who will become William's undoing and his salvation.

William's affair with Sarah will take him from a tenement on the Lower East Side to a hotel room in Paris, from a flip proposal of marriage to the extremities of outraged need and the wisdom that comes only to true survivors.

Ethan Hawke really will break your heart. The Hottest State chronicles one year in the life of young, dashing William Harding: aspiring actor and charming lover. When he first meets Sarah, a girl unlike any he's ever seen, he knows from the beginning he's a goner. She's beautiful. She's elusive. Every little thing she does strikes William greatly. The passion the two share, the chemistry—it's all so surreal, that even he can't believe it. He knows right then and there, she is the one— the one he'll love forever, but little does he realize that although she may be the pursuit of his pleasure now, he is just a twenty-year-old in love; in a year's time, he'll just be a twenty-one-year-old with a broken heart.

The way Hawke captures your interest is enthralling. He makes you become William Harding. I by all means, am not a helpless twenty-year-old boy in love, but throughout reading the book, I really felt like I was. All of William's movements and thoughts, I could relate with... so eerie. When William cried, I felt like crying, and when he got psychotic over his breakup with Sarah, I could feel the pain tugging inside of him. There's this one funny scene where he throws furniture around, and it's not funny like "haha!", but funny because, it's a scene where it should have been a turning point. I should have said "Wow, this William is nuts". But I didn't say that. Instead, I found myself cheering him on, because as crazy as he was, the emotion that was seeping throughout all of it, was so legitimate.

This novel was by far one of them most entertaining novels I've ever read, and not only because I feel like it's something straight out of my own past, or future, for that matter. Ethan Hawke will make you laugh, and he'll make you love William's story, but in the tragic end, Ethan Hawke will break your heart.

Radical Rating: 10 hearts: I'm speechless; this book is an extraordinarily amazingly wonderfully fantastically marvelous masterpiece. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

&never again will i get my ♥ broken because never again will i leave my ♥ open

What's new Buenos Aires? Haha sorry, I just had a little Evita moment right there (otherwise known as: my favorite musical in the whole wide world. Check it out!) ♥

So today, I will talk about heartbreak, which is the most infamous aspect of falling in love.  It's the most painful thing you will ever go through (including childbirth and appendicitis...not that I'm all too experienced in those categories, in the first place) but you must experience it in order to know true love. First of all, what is true love? According to a knowledgeable source (that would be me), love comes in many stages:

1) Physical attraction. As much as well all deny it, love at first sight is never because the person is so delicate and intellectual and sensitive to my annoying-ass bitching, but rather, because they are insanely gorgeous (or sometimes nice-smelling...hey, you never know; I find a guy with an alluring aroma amazingly attractive, if you must pry).
  • a. This is the stage of love where you most often make a fool out of yourself, because you're so smitten and tend to either clam up, or ramble nervously. So don't be too frightened; it's only natural.
  • b. It's also a very fragile stage. By that, I mean that the smallest action or trait that is even the teeniest bit unattractive, (like nose-picking or chest hair) will make you lose interest. At the same time though, the smallest action or trait that is the teeniest bit attractive (like athletic ability or similar musical interests) will make you go BONKERS and be even more infatuated. So it's very versatile, and it usually marks the point whether you will begin to fall even harder for this certain someone, or whether the attraction will fizzle out.
2) Romance. If you've made it this far into the game, congratulations. More than 50% of my "crushes" usually don't make it to this stage, but if you've got someone who does, well then, great. Romance is when you being to try harder for the person's attention. Both parties play roles of influencing the other, by pampering them with gifts or sweetening them with words.
  • a. Sadly, love sometimes dies a little in this stage. Why? Because some people use romance as personal gain; they play with you a little and once they have what they want (like a plasma screen television), they end the relationships. Which sucks, but it happens. So be careful.
  • b. Flattery, flattery, and more flattery. Some people may call this stage "puppy love" because it's the point where the conversation goes back and forth: You're so cute!...No, YOU'RE so cute!....No, YOU are!! (I just barfed a little in my throat). Anyways, yeah, it's sweet, but it won't be like that forever, just maybe for the first couple weeks (months, at most). Remember, compliment the other person to make them feel better about themself! If you really want to win their heart, it's all about flattery! Put some sugar on that.
3) Intimacy. Now, if you just giggled a little because of the word, "intimacy", you're just being immature. Get outta town.
  • a. Obviously, even you can come up with physical attraction. I mean, it's not that hard. Most people abuse intimacy and mistake it for love; they think that intimacy is love, when rather, love is intimacy. It's different, you know? Call it what you wish: passion, cuddling, bonding,'s all doing physical stuff that is out of your regular routine, because you begin to prow a safe, desired feeling when you are with that person.
  • b. What's overlooked though, is emotional intimacy. This stage is when you begin to really get to know your lover. You touch their scars and ask how they acquired them, you cautiously ask them about their first time (and though you won't admit it, you're very impatient too). The most crucial thing here, is that it is when trust begins to build. All friendships and relationships are built off trust, and if you don't know the person, you can't really trust them, so consider this the beginning of a very long journey :)
4) Commitment. The #1 Killer in the US. Of love, that is. 
  • a. You know commitment-phobics. People (usually of one particular gender that I won't discriminate), that are afraid to settle, get serious, or stick with one person for the rest of their life (or until the relationship ends); you know them. Though this isn't the hardest part of a relationship, it definitely is the rarest, because it is very difficult to initiate this "official" together-ness.
  • b. It's the last step though. Once two people are committed to each other, nothing else matters, because now they're complete. True, after this comes, marriage, children, et cetera, but that's a whole nother story. It's not about who we meet and how we meet them, but rather, the reason we choose to stay with them until the very end. ♥

No updates on my part. Sorry I haven't been writing for a while, summer's been hectic and unmerciful. Gotta love it though :) I will keep you posted about some more Textnovel stuff, however!