Monday, August 22, 2016

Vanishing Time by Katharine Britton Giveaway (US only)

Vanishing Time
Katharine Britton

Cama Truesdale’s ex-husband and young son leave Boston for a "boys only" fishing trip in South Carolina’s Low Country. In the early morning hours, Cama is jolted awake by a phone call. There’s been a fire on board the boat. Her ex-husband is dead. Her son is missing and presumed dead.

As she sets off for South Carolina, Cama's belief that her son Tate is alive is unwavering. But her frantic search soon stirs up painful memories that send her reeling back to her childhood and the mysterious car crash that killed her Gullah mother and white father. As the clock ticks down, exhausted, haunted by dreams, and stymied by the police and local community, she enters a world in which she must rely on instinct over fact, and where no one and nothing is what it seems—not even the boundary between the living and the dead.

Vanishing Time is about how grief can shape reality and the power of a mother’s love.


Books à la Mode is giving away two signed print copies of Vanishing Time—that's two winners total. Yay!!

To enter, all you have to do is tell me:
Choose one: Characterization, Setting, or Plot. Which do you value most in a novel and why?
Please make your comment MEANINGFUL. Comments solely consisting of stock responses or irrelevant fluff like "Thanks for the giveaway!" will not be considered for entry. Katharine and I really want to hear from you guys! :)

I value well-written, realistic, and lovable characters the most. It all boils down to this: a novel with a boring storyline and setting but excellent characterization can still be one of my favorites, but it almost never works the other way around.

Don't forget the entry eligibility terms and conditions!
Sponsored wholly by the author—a huge thank you to the lovely Katharine Britton!!
Giveaway ends September 5th at 11.59 PM (your time).
Open to US readers only—sorry, everyone else! Please check my sidebar for the list of currently running giveaways that are open worldwide. There are plenty to choose from!
Void where prohibited.
Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize once they are chosen, or else their winnings will be forfeited.
Although I do randomly select winners, I am in no way responsible for prizes, nor for shipping and handling.
As a reminder, you do not have to follow my blog to enter, though it is always very much appreciated ❤
Good luck!