Monday, August 18, 2014

Jenny Mollen's I Like You Just the Way I Am Virtual Book Club [SIGNUPS!]

Hello, my lovelies!

I'm excited to announce the first-ever virtual book club hosted by Books à la Mode and want to extend my personal invitation for you—yes, YOU fabulous readers!—to be a part of it.

The book we will be covering is called I Like You Just the Way I Am, a collection of crazy, snarky essays by Hollywood actress and Twitter phenomenon Jenny Mollen (who also happens to be the wife of Jason Biggs. Yes, THE Jason Biggs!). À la Chelsea Handler, Jenny brings us a book about her hilarious, outrageous life antics (most of, but not all of which, she is insanely proud of), appropriately titled "Stories About Me and Some Other People." If you're a fan of Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey, and Sarah Silverman, you will adore Jenny! Here's the back cover of the book:

By the actress, writer, and one of the funniest women on Twitter, an outrageous, hysterical memoir of acting on impulse, plotting elaborate hoaxes, and refusing to acknowledge boundaries in any form

Jenny Mollen is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles. She is also a wife, married to a famous guy (which is annoying only because he gets free shit and she doesn't). She doesn’t want much from life. Just to be loved—by everybody: her parents, her dogs, her ex-boyfriends, her ex-boyfriends’ dogs, her husband, her husband’s ex-girlfriends, her husband's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriends, etc. Some people might call that impulse crazy, but isn’t "crazy" really just a word boring people use to describe fun people? (And Jenny is really, really fun, you guys!).

In these pages, you’ll find stories of Jenny at her most genuine, whether it’s stalking her therapist (because he knows everything about her so shouldn’t she get to know everything about him?); throwing a bachelorette party so bad that one of the guests is suspected dead; or answering the eternal question, Would your best friend blow your husband on a car ride to dinner if she didn't know you were hiding in the backseat?

I Like You Just the Way I Am is about not doing the right thing—about indulging your inner crazy-person. It is Jenny when she’s not trying to impress anyone or come across as a responsible, level-headed member of society. With any luck it will make you better acquainted with who you really are and what you really want. Which, let’s be honest, is most likely someone else’s email password.
Here's how the virtual book club will run: Just like a regular physical book club, we will be reading I Like You Just the Way I Am together within a one-month timeframe, tentatively scheduled to be the first two weeks of September. Each week, we will have checkins, that will either consist of live chats so we can all talk about the book and answer discussion questions, or of blog posts (if you are a blogger).

You know what's awesome? St. Martin's Press will be providing reading copies—woohoo! We have copies available in both digital and print format, although the print copies are limited and restricted to US and Canadian residents only. If you can accept both print or digital, you will most likely be receiving digital just because we should give print-only readers the opportunity to join. However, by being willing to accept an electronic review copy, you are increasing your chances of getting into the book club—and yes, we do have a member limit, so widening your chances is always safer.

You know what's even awesomer? At the conclusion of the book club, Jenny Mollen herself will be joining us for a live chat or video chat to discuss the book. How fabulous is that? Not only will you be able to talk with the author, but you'll get to meet the fabulous woman herself.

Any other questions? Comment below or shoot me an email—I'd love to have you on board!

Interested in signing up?

Below, is the signup sheet (Google form) AND the review copy roster (Rafflecopter). You must fill out both forms in order to be considered for the book club and receive a review copy. If you only fill out the Google form, you will have to find a copy of the book yourself.

Please make sure all required fields of the Google form are filled out, and all the Rafflecopter entries are submitted.

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Note: Even though this review copy form is through Rafflecopter, I will not be randomly selecting "winners"—this is just a way for me know who needs what format and where to send it. If you are selected for the book club and indicated needing a review copy, you are guaranteed to receive one (a huge thanks to the wonderful publisher!).

Signups close Thursday, August 21st at 11:59 PM, so make sure you get your submission in quickly! Late requests will not be granted.

I can't wait to do this with you guys! Thanks for considering!!