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Exclusive Sneak Peek of Forever Kinda Love by Clara Stone + Giveaway! (International!)

Forever Kinda Love
Clara Stone

Life’s little surprises...

The last thing seven-year-old Carrigan "Ace" Casper foresaw was an eight-year-old Heath Lovelly walking into her life the day her mother died. From that moment on, Heath stuck by her side, slowly becoming her strength, her confidant, and her entire world. What she didn't know is she was his saving grace, too.

Ten years later, Ace is handed another crippling challenge that threatens everything in her almost perfect life. Only, this time, she doesn't turn to Heath—hiding the truth instead. But Heath knows Ace too well and won't back down easily. He's ready to do whatever it takes and will stay by her side until she accepts that their love is the kinda love worth fighting for.

Will he be her forever triumph or her unexpected downfall?

Two lives.

One story.

And an unexpected journey to falling in love. Forever.
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“Ace!” It comes out like a relieved cough. I run to her, but stop before I pull her to me. Her arms are wrapped around her small body, and her head is tilted down.

“I’m sorry,” I finally say through heavy breaths. “But only because of the way I told you.”

She looks up through her wet eyelashes, confused.

“I’m not sorry that I’ve fallen for my best friend. I’m not sorry that I kissed you, and I sure as hell am not sorry that I told you.” I wipe the tears rolling down her cheeks.

She sniffles. “But what about—”

“Doesn’t matter.” I cut her off.

“And the whole—”

“We’ll figure it out.”

“What if—”

I step toward her. “The only thing I want to know is if you feel the same way about me. That’s the only if I care about.”

She stares into my eyes, like she doesn’t know what to say. Then she admits, “I’m afraid, Heath.”

“Me too.” I place my hands on either side of her shoulders and lean in. The fresh smell of strawberries assaults my lungs. “But not about us. I’ve never been afraid of us, Ace. Not that first day at the hospital, or the first time I kissed you.”

“You weren’t?” Disbelief colors her question.

I shake my head. “It was like taking a breath of fresh air after inhaling toxins my entire life. Wasn’t it like that for you?”

“I-I...” She pauses, chewing on her lower lip, then nods. “I guess.”

I close a little more distance between us. There’s only a hair’s breadth left. “I know you’re afraid. But I’m asking, just this once... forget all the reasons you can’t and believe in that one reason you should. Listen to your heart, baby. What does it tell you?”

I know what mine’s telling me. It’s Ace. She’s it for me.

She opens her mouth, closes it, then does that again, like she’s battling with herself. “But what if—”

“We’ll figure it out.” I cup her cheek, running my thumb over it. “I’ve never let you down before, and I’m not going to start now.”

She studies me, her eyebrows pinched together. Finally, she responds: “Okay.”


She smiles, then bites down on her lip. “Yes. Okay. Oui.”

About the Author

Clara Stone was born in India, grew up in Detroit, and is now settled in Boise, ID. She attended Wayne State University for her undergrad degree in Bachelor of Science in Biology, and University of Phoenix for her Masters in Business Administration. Clara works as a project manager in software field during the day and lives in the world of her characters during the nights and weekends. She also writes paranormal romance under the name Priya Kanaparti (check out her Top 10 list she wrote for Books à la Mode here!).

She found her love for reading and writing in 2012, when she stayed home with her son and needed something to occupy those "downtime" hours.

She loves playing tennis on a good summer day and chess during the cold winters, but reading and writing has become a year round hobby.

She lives in Boise with her husband, son, and a Yorkie. Forever Kinda Love is her debut novel under her Clara Stone alias.


Books à la Mode is giving away Forever Kinda Love swag, as pictured above, as well as your choice of one digital copy of any of the books in the list below—that's two winners total. Yay!!

The following eBooks are some titles Clara chose because they have a similar romance theme as Forever Kinda Love does: friends to lovers! She also chose some of her favorite YA contemp novels, so there are plenty to choose from. I personally would love to read all of these books! Which would you pick if you won?
  • Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
  • Sophie & Carter by Chelsea Fine
  • Fine Art of Pretending By Rachel Harris
  • Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols (check out my review here!)
  • Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
  • Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg
  • Click to Subscribe by LM Augustine
  • Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
  • Crash by Nicole Williams
  • When it Happens by Susane Colasanti
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • Perfect Chemistry by Simone Alkalis
  • Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
  • Dante’s Girl by Courtney Cole

To enter, all you have to do is answer Clara's question::
If you could go back to a time in your life and relive a moment—whether it be happy, sad, fun, or mischievous—with your BFF or your partner in crime, what would it be?
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