Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Terrorist's Daughters by Brian Arthur Levene Giveaway! (International)

The Terrorist's Daughters
by Brian Arthur Levene
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Born in Chicago, Illinois, three sisters are uprooted when brought to Pakistan after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug-sedated mother, two of the girls decide to run away from home and soon they discover their inner selves. One is a twelve-year-old blessed with a gift she does not know she has, the other, a seventeen-year-old proficient in the methods of psychological warfare. Along the way they encounter a handsome young man, and his family who are also looking to start a new life away from their terrorist state. Their travels takes them to Afghanistan, Dubai, Mexico and the United States, leaving a chaotic but interesting trail behind.

Developing a family among a group of outcasts, including a young Asian girl who is prolific in computer hacking, their adventures continue with the girls making daring escapes from authorities, and fighting Al Qaeda extremists working for their father. The Terrorist's Daughters all leads to a dramatic conclusion revolving around love, faith, family, and the potential destruction of an entire city.


Books à la Mode is giving away two print copies of The Terrorist's Daughters—that's two winners total. Yay!!

To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question in a comment:
What is your favorite literature about 9/11?
It doesn't necessarily have to be a book, but an article, short story, film, essay, or even blog, would be great to hear about. One of the first examples that pops up in my head is Remember Me, a 2010 movie with Robert Pattinson (swoon!). Such a touching movie, but not in the way you would expect; it's not a war romance or Holocaust romance or anything remotely like that. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend you check it out!

Please remember to leave your email address or Twitter handle in your comment so I know who to contact when I select winners. Don't make me track you down! No contact info = No entry!!!
Please make your comment MEANINGFUL. Comments solely consisting of stock responses or irrelevant fluff like "Thanks for the giveaway!" will not be considered for the extra entires. Brian and I really want to hear from you guys! :)

Don't forget the entry eligibility terms and conditions!
Sponsored wholly by the author—a huge thank you to Brian!
Giveaway ends April 13th at 11.59 PM (your time).
Open internationally, with the exception of UK. That means anyone in the world can enter, unless you are a UK resident—sorry!
Void where prohibited.
Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize once they are chosen, or else their winnings will be forfeited.
Although I do randomly select winners, I am in no way responsible for prizes, nor for shipping and handling.
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Good luck!