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The Temporal Stone by Suzy Turner Excerpt and Giveaway!

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I'm so excited to share the newest installment of Suzy Turner's Morgan Sisters series with y'all today:

The Temporal Stone by Suzy Turner

Series: Morgan Sisters #2
Release Date: 3 June 2013
Page Count: 286
Publisher: self-published
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal

It's been a couple of months since Emma and Lana entered the Praxos Academy and life has been hectic ever since. What with regular A-level classes combined with learning all about the supernatural world, control classes, self defence and fight night, the girls are constantly busy.

But when their world seems to stop right in front of them, they and their fellow Watchers, have a huge mystery to solve. A mystery which will lead them on a long road trip across south west England where they will meet all kinds of strange creatures, some intent on causing harm and others desperate to put a stop to the problem.
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'I still find it hard to believe you're not that bothered about Liam dating Ava,' said Emma as Diarmuid stretched his legs, stopping for a chat with his friend who sat with his arm draped across the exotic beauty at the other end of the carriage.

Lana shrugged her shoulders.

'Why would I be? It's been months since we broke up and we weren't exactly serious. Not like you two,' she replied, following Emma's gaze.

'Besides, there's plenty more totty at the Academy now.'

Emma choked into her now tepid green tea, 'Totty? You can't call them that!'

Lana looked at her sister as if she was mad, 'Why not?'

'Well... it's... it's derogatory.'

'Sis, you really need to get out more,' laughed Lana, standing up as Diarmuid returned.

'I'll leave you two love birds to it. I'm going for a wander.'

Passing Declan a few seats down, she wondered how long it would be until they arrived in Bath.

'About twenty minutes,' he said.

'Huh?' she muttered, having completely forgotten he could read minds.

'Oh right. Thanks,' she answered, blushing slightly. He chuckled, brushing his hair out of his eyes before turning his attention back to his newspaper.

'Don't wander too far,' he added as she walked away.

But Lana was bored and she'd already decided to walk through the rest of the carriages to the end of the train, regardless of how long it took. Surely the train wasn't that big, anyway?

Before she'd given it another thought, she was already several carriages away from the rest of her classmates. Intrigued by the suited businessmen who tapped away at their laptops, oblivious to the world around them, Lana had walked slowly past each and every one, watching them until she'd reached the end. Sighing, she turned around and spotted a couple of empty seats just ahead of her.

As she bent to sit down, the carriage became darker. Gazing out the window, she realised they were going through a tunnel. A rather long and very dark tunnel.

She closed her eyes, just for a moment.

When she opened them, she was no longer on the train. Instead, she found herself outside in a dusty, dirty environment surrounded by sounds of hammering. Bang after bang like some kind of one-sided symphony. She watched as sweaty men worked hard digging a strange tunnel with picks. The stench of horse manure and sweat made her eyes water.

Swallowing loudly, Lana closed her eyes again, trying to calm herself.

'It's okay, it's just a dream,' she whispered. 'I can control this, just breathe, Lana, breathe.'

Opening her eyes again, she found she was still in that dirty place. Her only real concern, though, was her new dress.

'Great, it better not get dirty in this filth,' she muttered as her eyes scanned the crowd, eventually stopping on a rather important looking man in the distance, who sat on a beautiful black horse. His clothes were spotless.

Sighing, she began to walk towards him, through the stream of workers who continued to bang, bang, bang at the seemingly solid ground beneath their feet. They were oblivious to the rather oddly dressed 16 year old who strode through the dustiness in her tan leather boots, brand new dress and brown coat, cursing, wishing she would return to her own time and place.

The odd sound of a manly scream broke through all the noise, causing almost instant silence.

'There,' pointed a man dressed in a 19th century suit.

Lana followed his pointed finger towards a fallen man. Several others rushed to his side but it was too late.

'He's dead, I'm afraid,' said another suited gentleman.

'Another? We're nearing 100 deaths,' whispered the impressive man on the horse who had ridden over to see what the commotion was about.

Removing his hat, he nodded towards a small group of men that seemed to appear out of nowhere. As instructed, they walked forward and lifted the still warm corpse, carrying him away.

No matter what Lana had been through since her 16th birthday, she knew she would never be able to come to terms with death.

'But why? The heat isn't overbearing, they are being fed quite well I think, and they're all of good strong build. What's causing so many to perish?' asked another man, a pair of spectacles sitting at the end of his nose and a large ledger in his hands.

The man on the horse simply shook his head, 'I wish I knew.'

A tear escaped from her eye which she quickly brushed away, as the sound of screeching deafened her. Placing her hands over her ears she was suddenly catapulted forward, banging her forehead on something in front of her.

Opening her eyes, she realised she was back on the train, but it was still dark.

And they were no longer moving.

About the Author

Suzy Turner was born in the town of Rotherham, Yorkshire, in 1975. She lived there until 1986 when she and her family embarked on an adventure to a land where the weather was warmer and the people spoke a strange language.

It didn’t take long for Suzy to pick up the Portuguese language in her new home of the Algarve, but it was the English language that always enchanted her. She could usually be found with her head in a book, whether she was floating around in the swimming pool or tucked up in front of a roaring log fire (yes, Portuguese winters are chillier than most people imagine!).

After completing her A-levels (yes, they included English Literature), Suzy was offered a job as a trainee journalist for a local English newspaper. Although her love of writing began to develop, so did her hatred of intruding into people's lives and so Suzy found herself working behing the scenes, which eventually led to features writing.

Accepting the job of Assistant Editor for a popular lifestyle magazine proved to be a position she particularly enjoyed, especially as she was often given the chance to meet and interview people from all walks of life. This led to her becoming the Features Editor back at the newspaper before eventually becoming Magazine Editor. The recession, however, had others ideas and Suzy had no choice but to accept redundancy.

With an ever supportive husband behind her, Suzy decided to do what she had always dreamed of. And so she became an author, writing books for teens.

Suzy continues to live with her husband in Portugal, although they are currently planning an adventure of their own.


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