Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Great Gatsby Movie and Original Soundtrack

Who's seen or is looking forward to The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan??

There are so many things that are perfect about this movie, including the casting (except for Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson... Myrtle isn't supposed to be that hot!!!), my worship of the novel (and Scott F. Fitzgerald in general), and of course, the brilliant soundtrack.

I'm already in love with Lana Del Rey but her original single from the official movie soundtrack will make you orgasm. Don't hold me accountable.

Among other artists for this mix which is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION are Florence and the Machine (yay!) and Jay-Z (YAY!).

I've been thinking about posting my lit essay on the book that I wrote for class instead of a review. Would you be able to handle the nerdiness?

In other news, I'm officially San Francisco-bound July 31st :D Can't believe I've been in Korea for two years already—where does the time go?? Both thrilled and devastated to be leaving this beautiful country (and I know I've been terrible at updating you guys with my touristy Korean experiences... do I ever have a good excuse? I won't even bother). Will have to make the most of my time remaining here for the next two months.