Friday, January 25, 2013

Top Three: Reasons Why Digital Textbooks Are Better

Americanflag, digital textbooks are better! Why?
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1. Affordability
Textbooks are notorious for their outrageous prices ($210 for Campbell Biology? $350 for Business Law: Texts and Cases??) set due to the resources used to print and bind them hard-bound. Slashing that factor—the paper, ink, and cardboard of the matter—can slash half the expenses.

The dozens of textbooks universities require add up to thousands of dollars per student, on top of tuition and board. Digital books—many of which have online versions that are entirely FREE—offer incredible savings, as displayed by Amazon retailers.

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2. Exclusive Content
eTextbooks contain interactive digital media that won't be found anywhere else, including animated illustrations and practice quizzes. They also have the advantage of instant communication and sharing (referencing texts when asking professors for help was never easier) and quicker, more efficient studying options (internet browsing! instant highlighting and bookmarking! copy-and-paste functions for note-taking!). 

3. Convenience

  • no need to lug multiple books around to classes
  • the ability to read anywhere at anytime (even in the dark!)
  • discretion
I'm not sure it gets any better than that.

A personal advantage for me is health-related: I have back problems, so carrying heavy items is strictly prohibited and will never be tolerated, ever (...according to my physical therapist).

Then there's the issue of storage. No need to sell an eTextbook back to the university bookstore cheap in attempts to (fruitlessly) salvage what was initially spent. Considering most of these books are used for one semester and then just discarded, the practicality of easy riddance is a godsend. I mean, will Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology ever really see the light of day again?

Bottom Line

Save yourself, your wallet, and your back—it begs you!—by going digital with textbooks Americanflag