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Author: Sharla Lovelace Guest Post and Giveaway!

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On shelves November 6 from Berkley...
Emily Lockwood, your past is showing.

Emily Lockwood has been sitting on a secret for so long, and buried so deep that she really doesn’t even think of it anymore. Why should she? She has a successful career, an ex-husband who rarely tests her patience, a mother who usually does, and a stubbornly independent grown daughter. Everything is fine, just another crazy kind of normal.

Until Ben Landry comes back to town. The one person that could change it all. From best friends growing up, to young adults who realize their love in a night of crazy passion, Ben and Emily had an unbreakable bond. Or so she thought. When he then disappeared without explanation for over twenty years, she’d had to pick herself up and accept otherwise. Seeing Ben back again now triggers more than mere memories and a tug at her heart. It rips the cover off an old secret that could hurt the people she loves the most.

While Emily works to keep her secret safe and her heart safer, her sanity gets a reality check. She’s been seeing things—her past played out like home movies unreeling before her eyes, visions that are making Emily see herself, her family, everyone she knew, and every choice she made, in a revealing new light and a startling new angle. For Emily, seeing her life in rewind makes her realize she has hard choices to make for her future. Choices that may redefine everyone else’s future as well.

My Favorite Movie Couples... Ever!

Hi everyone! So glad to be here. I was given a little free reign today, to talk about anything as long as it was romance-related. That’s a big scope... lol. But I got to thinking about it, and what do we love about romance novels—or movies, for that matter?

The couples.

So let’s chat about some of our favorite movie or book couples of all time. Actually most of these are movies, but that’s what came to mind.

TitanicJack and Rose – How much did you cry when Jack gave up his place on the plank? Whatever it was, I was yelling, “There’s fifty others floating around, fool!” And then what tears when Rose pried Jack’s frozen fingers from hers and let him go, saying, “I’ll never let go.” I blubbered like a baby. Every time I’ve seen it.

Gone With The WindScarlett and Rhett – A smart-mouthed woman and an arrogant man that can’t get enough of her no matter how many times he tries to walk away. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

When Harry Met SallyHarry and Sally – Women and men can’t just be friends, at least not in the movies, and not when it’s hysterical Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Finally realizing their love over “Auld Lang Syne”. And then there was that café scene where Sally proves the math that every woman knows. Every woman has done it, and every man swears it’s never happened to them. Go figure that one.

RockyRocky and Adrian – “Adriaaaaaaaan!” Enough said.

TarzanTarzan and Jane – Who doesn’t love a story about a proper lady turned primal by a jungle man? “Tarzan love Jane.”

GreaseDanny and Sandy – “Summer Lovin... he got friendly holdin’ my haaannnnd.” “She got friendly... down in the saaannnnd.” Yeah, Danny, really? But nothing like a boy who’s willing to change his whole identity for her, while she does the same. Awwwwww...

Forrest GumpForrest and Jenny – “My momma said life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest spends his whole life accidentally falling into fortune, while following the love of his life in one way or another. She’s all he wants, even when she ditches him, time and time again. And even when she’s dying. That’s true love.

Dirty DancingBaby and Johnny – I saved this one for last. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Oh dear God, who didn’t melt all over the floor on that one? Wealthy girl meets poor boy and defies Daddy to be with her Johnny. We miss you, Patrick.

Okay! So tell me more. Who did I miss? What are your favorite couples????

And thanks for having me! Hope you enjoy the book!

About the Author

Sharla Lovelace is the author of The Reason is You, Just One Day, and Before and Ever Since. Being a Texas girl through and through, she’s proud to say she lives in Southeast Texas with her family, an old lady dog, and an aviary full of cockatiels.

Sharla is available by Skype for book club meetings and chats, and loves connecting with her readers! See her website for book discussion questions, events, and to sign up for her monthly newsletter.


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