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Author: Lesley Phillips Guest Post and Giveaway!

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The Midas Tree is a mystical realm where spiritual beings and animals live together in relationship to one another and their environment.

Our hero, Joshua, is drawn into this amazing realm from his home in the garden of color and light. The book follows Joshua’s adventures in the Midas Tree as he grows and learns about his life and destiny in this new world, as he searches for a way back home to his spiritual parent Morfar and the garden of color and light.

Joshua and his journey are analogous to each human’s journey toward spiritual enlightenment. The Midas Tree is planet earth and the creatures and spiritual beings who live there are teachers and guides. They teach Joshua how to meditate and use other spiritual techniques to help him on his mission to return home.

A Constant State of Becoming

Do we ever become who we truly are? I was recently reflecting on how I got to be where I am now. In reviewing the different chapters of my life I observed that I have been a:
  • Ph.D. research scientist
  • Microbiologist bio-prospecting in isolated regions of the globe
  • Drug discoverer working to find cures for disease
  • Multi-million dollar business negotiator
  • Business manager and business consultant
  • Clairvoyant
  • Energy Healer
  • Spiritual Artist
  • Meditation Teacher
Wherever I was I never felt completely settled. I was like a constant butterfly, always becoming something else and someone else. I never arrived at a set location and stayed there. I was and am always moving towards a new expression of who I am. 

Or are we journeymen of the soul?

When I asked if any of the above labels could adequately describe me as I am now, or who I was then, I realized that all they can ever do is brush the surface of an eternal landscape of the self.

In truth we are each eternal spiritual beings. This means that we already are all that we ever were or will be. We are the alpha and omega of our souls. All I had been doing was journeying through the landscape of my self. I was constantly dipping into different aspects of my eternal essence.

Can we consciously set our course?

This was a great revelation to me. If this was true I should be able to consciously decide where I wish to journey next.

I decided I would journey to my inner writer. This is what I did when I wrote The Midas Tree. I decided I would journey to the author part of myself that already resided deep inside. I meditated deeply, for several hours, to connect with the higher wiser part of my soul so that I could draw this writer part down into my consciousness, my body and physical reality.

How to visit new and far-off lands

What happened next was amazing to me. That night it was as if a new reality poured into me. There were visions and layers upon layers of images raining into my consciousness. By the morning I had the full outline of my book, I had met all of the characters and I even had the chapter titles.

I also knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was an author. I had safely arrived at my next port of call. The place in the landscape of my soul where I could write, and write I did. In fact writing was easy, it came naturally like I had been doing it all my life. My connection with the author inside was clear and unencumbered.

Sharing the journey

What emerged from my voyage was “The Midas Tree.” A spiritual adventure story about a boy called Joshua, who is himself on a journey of spiritual unfolding and awakening.

Joshua finds a golden acorn that enchants him to chase it until he becomes trapped inside a magical tree. Each chapter brings a new beginning and a fresh adventure, as he struggles to find a way home. Every adventure brings a new realization and launches Joshua into yet another opportunity to learn about him self.

Our hero is supported by magical beings, called Devas, that introduce him to his spiritual super-powers. They are the keepers of ancient secrets (meditation techniques), which they offer as practical tools to light his way home.

The Midas Tree is a book of light. It is an analogy for the journey of enlightenment. Children who have read it say it reminds them of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, whereas adults liken it to Illusions by Richard Bach and The Celestine Prophesy by Michael Redfield with fairy tale flair.

Cycles of growth and change

The Midas Tree is also a book of truth. It illuminates the battles of the human ego, that each of us must encounter on our journey home.

The book also describes the cycles of spiritual growth and change that are our constant companion, while we are living in the tree (alive on Earth).

And, through the meditation techniques, taught by the Devas, The Midas Tree provides tools that can help each of us to weather the storms on our individual journeys home.

It is my sincere hope that it will help children and adults alike to approach their lives with a sense of confidence and adventure.

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, spiritual and meditation teacher based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her book The Midas Tree will be published on November 11th 2012.


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