Friday, October 26, 2012

swauzzie: the man behind the guitar

Robi Stalder, better known as Swauzzie of the under-recognized Youtube fame, is one of the top people on my to-marry favorite people list – remember my hunk alert feature on him? His voice is absolutely angelic, his disposition mesmerizing, and now, we know, his personality amazing! He came up with a video a couple weeks ago announcing an upcoming Q&A session:

And as promised, today, he responded to them!

Catch how he answered mine?? (@4:26)

Tell us about the first time you got your heart broken...
...and how you got over it.
 This is getting serious now, this is getting deep. The first time I ever got my heart broken... seriously, I've been pretty lucky, but if we wanna go early days, when I was about eight years old, I had a crush on this girl who everyone did – just, like every guy – she was a cutie. Word got out that I had eyes for her and she started seeing this other guy – she was dating him for the day! So I waited out at the front of the classroom for him to come out for recess and I threw a football at his face. Scott, if you remember that, I'm sorry *irresistible grin* but man, you had it coming! She was my girl, (as well as everyone else's), you didn't deserve her! *contagious laugh*

Honestly though, if you want some constructive feedback on broken hearts: if something's out of your control, you just do something else, get your mind off of it, and make it productive. Make it productive. Do something constructive, positive... like cleaning. I just clean. I recently cleaned out the whole garage from top to bottom.

What happens with me is, I get so involved and I actually enjoy cleaning 'cause I'm seeing progress happen around me, that it works so well, I forget what I was upset about. I actually enjoy that. So, yeah! *charming shrug* That's what I suggest.

So basically he's not only super adorable and sweet but also level-headed AND he likes to clean?!? My kind of man. I love him so much I can't even♥♥♥ Oh and look at this screenshot of my name, I feel ~famous~~~ (I mean, he read my comment and typed my name out, then spent a minute and a half to respond to it, ok I'm freaking out, everyone):

Well, I just wanted to brag a bit. Enjoy him :)