Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store It's that time of year!

Halloween, by far, one of my favorite holidays (it's pretty much a tie with Christmas for first, I would say!). I know it's not one of those universally-celebrated festivities – in fact, I grew up with friends whose parents disapproved of witches and ghosts and high fructose corn syrup in abundance – but that's what makes it so fun: it's practically sacrilege. 

While I outgrew candy corn ages ago, I will forever associate dressing up, carving pumpkins, just being all-around naughty with this time of autumn. I've usually a tradition of attending costume parties or pulling campus and neighborhood pranks for Halloween, but seeing as it's virtually an unknown celebration in Korea, I have to withhold this year (again). Hopefully next year when I'm back in the States, I'll be able to!

Edenfantasys has hundreds of fun, sexy costume ideas in case YOU want to dress up, however. Don't know what to wear? Here's a quick guide if you need major costume help!
If you're feeling bold: This Remember the Trojans Greek warrior costume is not only gorgeous, but so original! I love the skirt and corset. All heads will turn and all eyes will stay glued with one look at this one-piece.

If you're feeling classy: French maids may be common, but they aren't overrated! They're the universally hot, provocative, yet coy disguise that are suitable for any party. Edenfantasys actually as a several French maid costumes (check out Parisian Provocateur), so they're worth a browse.

If you're feeling flirty: Want to go with a girly, but yet totally distinguishing and pretty look? The Alice in Wonderland costume'll do the trick. Passersby will eagerly want to confirm their recognition of your attire – bound to start conversation over your mutual love for Lewis Carroll and Walt Disney.

As per FTC Guidelines, I disclose that Edenfantasys compensated me with a gift card in exchange for this post. Regardless, the content is 100% original – I was not paid to say or advertise anything – and all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are solely my own.