Tuesday, June 5, 2012

❤ tribute to zayn malik

I can't even asdkfjalkdfjalka;fd
I apologize in advance this post won't be coherent or make sense or anything, it's just a bunch of lovely pictures that make my brain go numb.
Not that, in the presence of very cute boys, I'm ever very intelligible.
But dear GOD. Look at him. 
Name: Zayn Malik
Age: 19
Location: London, England (though these days he's crazy busy on tour with One Direction)
Status: In a motherfuckin relationship
♥: the brooding eyes, the sharp nose and cheekbones, the irresistible hair, the smoke in his voice, the quiet badboy image (he's an actual player, goddammit — that's sin), the face the face the face
Stalk him: Tweeeeta