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❤author: Katherine Stone Interview and Giveaway!

❤ I'm thrilled to welcome author, Katherine Stone, to the blog today. Welcome to ¡Miraculous!, Katherine! Will you please share a short bio with us?

Thank you! I'm delighted to be here. I'm a physician turned contemporary romance novelist. Born in Seattle, I attended Stanford University followed by medical school at the University of Washington. I did a residency in internal medicine in San Francisco and a fellowship infectious diseases in LA. There was also romance in LA. I met my future husband, physician-novelist Jack Chase there...during a spinal tap. I was having difficulty with it - though the patient was fine - and he appeared, as if a knight on a white charger, and saved the day. My twenty-one novels have been translated into over twenty languages and are sold throughout the world.

❤ Tell us about you books, and more specifically, Bel Air, which I reviewed recently!

First and foremost, they are love stories. I write about nice people who are giving life their best shot despite the enormous obstacles I put in their way! Like most of us (I think) they hope to be loved for who they truly are, and aren't at all certain that will ever happen (especially given the aforementioned obstacles), but, in the end, they are rescued by love.

There are other relationships, too: friends and enemies; sisters, brothers, twins, families. I usually have an ensemble cast who lives are entwined in various ways. Soap opera-esque, you ask? Yes, absolutely and unabashedly, with a little Grey's Anatomy and Lifetime Movie Network thrown in. The tension is more emotional than sexual (or so my readers and fellow writers tell me). I can't and don't resist including medical drama - and information - from time to time.

[Bel Air is a sweet romance that incorporates the medical drama as well as extra-romantic dilemmas within the storylines as well!]

❤ What inspired you to write your first book and then how did you get published? Tell us your call story.

The immediate inspiration was my husband, who, after years of hearing me say that someday was going to write a novel, said "Just Do It!" I should mention that I'm a firstborn Virgo, which means I have two scoops of goal-setting and achieving (or bust) combined with the utter inability to resist a challenge. And since age 11, when I wrote my first story, writing had always been a passion and a dream.

I knew nothing about getting published. But it made sense to me to send the completed manuscript directly to the folks who actually made the publishing decisions -- i.e., the publishing companies. In those days, this was possible to do. A book called Writer's Market listed the companies that would accept unagented books "over the transom" to be added to their "slush pile."

I got the we-want-to-publish-it call in my office. I had just returned from making infectious disease rounds at a hospital in Chicago. Needless to say, I was over the moon!

❤ How did you arrive at writing your particular genre? Is there any other genre you'd like to tackle in the future?

Like many writers, I had been telling myself stories forever. As a very young girl I remember looking forward to going to bed so that, before falling asleep, I could find out what happened next.

Romance, relationships, drama, tormented heroes, love conquering all, and happy endings are what have always interested me. It's what I authentically love - and, I think, it is my only authentic voice.

❤ How much of your actual life gets written into your fictional stories?
Lots, although in non autobiographical bits and pieces. I definitely write about places I know and love, and medicine, and things I wish I could do (like be able to sing). And there are certaintly fictionalized glimpses of people I have known and admired. But the specific relationships and characters are imagined.

❤ What are your biggest motivations for writing?

I love it, and those darned stories (dare I say voices in my head?) keep coming.

❤ Can you honestly say being an author is your ideal job? Do you ever sometimes wish you hadn't begun a writing career?

I'm very lucky. I've loved being both a doctor and an author.

❤ How would you describe your writing style and tone?

Dramatic, romantic, soft. 

❤  What about you would surprise your readers?

That I was on stage at the Rolling Stones' concert in Altemont, maybe? My undergrad years at Stanford coincided with the acid-rock era in San Francisco. My brother was - and is! - a gifted musician. So I felt totally comfortable wandering back stage, fiddling with amplifiers, talking to musicians, etc. You could do that then. It was that open and free. But on that sunny California day, the scene went from joyful to terrifying in a heartbeat.

Give aspiring writers a piece of advice you wish you had known before getting published.

Everyone has their own voice, their own unique stories to tell. No author's voice will be every reader's cup of tea, nor does it have to be. Write your story the way you want to write it and believe it should be. Don't put things in - or take them out - because you think that's what another author would do. Go with your instincts, the way that feels true and right to you.

❤ What’s the most interesting comment you have ever received about your books?

I got a lovely postcard from a reader who was vacationing in Italy. She had been in Rome, admiring the roses in the Borghese Gardens, and she felt quite certain that she had spotted Charles and Melanie enjoying the gardens, too.

What's so lovely about this is that Charles and Melanie are characters from Twins.

 What's next for you?

Both Jack and I are in the process of publishing our previously published novels in new ebook and trade paperback formats. His brand new medical thriller, The Magruder Transplant [which Stephanie WILL be reviewing soon, once she sits her butt down to it, folks!!!], has also just been released.

It has been great fun revisiting the books. I've discovered, however, that some of my characters have more to say - and now are saying. As a result, this has become a lot more involved than simply converting existing Word docs to ebook ready html files. But I'm really enjoying the revisiting and, of course, I want the books to be the best I can make them.

I'm certainly looking forward to getting to them. They all sounds like good reads -- I've currently just started Roommates, actually! Where can you be found on the web?

My web address is There's book info, bio, mailing list sign up and, most importantly, a few of the zillion photos I have taken of the 3 canine girls who rule our world: Wendy, Molly, and Scout.
Awww! How precious! Before we conclude this interview, is there anything you'd like to ask our readers?

Not ask so much as tell. You remember that firstborn Virgo thing? Bossiness comes with the territory, too. I'm a huge believer in going for your dreams - and as my wise (Scorpio) husband said to me, "Just Do It.".

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