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I know, I know, I've been slacking lately with the hunk alerts, but I've something (and someone!) very very special today to make up for it! I got the pleasure of working with Tripp back in March when I interviewed him at Desert Island Keepers after seeing him in Cosmo. He was one of the Hottest Bachelors of 2010 -- how's a girl to resist? -- and believe it or not, he can now be found on CMT's newest dating show, Sweet Home Alabama.

A few days ago, he emailed me asking if he could be featured at the blog, so today, in his interview, we'll be hearing about his experience on reality television, his bachelorhood, and why he considers himself a true Southern gentleman -- one that belongs in sweet home Alabama.

Here's a quick bio and stats, before we begin:

Tripp Davis is an Ironman competitor and CPA from Jackson, Mississippi. After winning the title of Cosmopolitan magazine's Hottest Mississippi Bachelor of 2010, Tripp's friends gave him the nickname "Cosmo." This traditional Southern gentleman is looking for the love of his life and says he won't date a girl unless he can see himself marrying her down the road.
Town: Ridgeland, Mississippi
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190
CPA ID: Ironman CPA
Stephanie: How did get discovered for Sweet Home Alabama? Tell us your call story.

Tripp: I was contacted through my gmail address that Cosmo set up for me when I was 2010's Bachelor of the year for Mississippi. I did a Skype interview and that Friday I was on a plane headed for Fairhope, AL.

S: Is it the first time you've been on a dating show? Would you do it again, if asked?

T: This was my first experience on a dating, or even reality show, for that matter. I would 100% do it again, no questions asked, without a doubt, one of the best decisions/choices I've ever made in my life!

S: What have your experiences on set been like?

T: We finished filming in June, so I've been back in reality for a while now. The hardest thing for me to get used to being on the show was trying not to look at the camera the whole time and just act natural; it was hard for me to get used to having my entire day documented, but after a while, I got used to the camera and life just played out naturally.

S: Why should Devin select you?

T: Devin should select me because I'm genuine and true, I would treat her not like an object or possession, but as the beautiful woman she is.

S: Tell us about Devin and what you like about her.

T: Devin is your typical Southern Belle, beautiful inside and out. Easy to talk to, a great sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders, she'll be successful in just about anything she decides to do.

The thing that attracted me to Devin first was her eyes, they are amazing and deep; they just draw you in and you want to see what lies behind them looking into her deeper. She has a great smile and pretty amazing body. There's really nothing you could complain about being with her.

S: Tell us about some of the other guys you've gotten to know.

T: I made a lifelong friend with just about every guy in the house, except for a few I could care less about getting to know. All the country guys are my boys and I see them as brothers, they are just typical guys, no big egos (well maybe a little of an ego with some) just guys I'm glad to call friends.

S: What are you most nervous about?

T: How I'll be perceived by the public, I don't want to come off as a douche bag or as a weak timid person.

S: What are you most excited about?

T: I'm most excited about the show doing well in hopes that we can get a reunion or another spinoff series (so all your readers need to watch every week). Also the Facebook friend request and twitter Followers don't hurt.

S: If not you, who do you think will win?

T: There are so many good guys on the show, that Devin would be happy with any of us. As long as a country guy wins, I'm happy with it. If it's me, I'm ecstatic.

S: What's the funniest thing that's happened on set?

T: There were a ton of hilarious things that happened. Sadly, I doubt most will make it on TV, which might be a good thing. We were always ripping on each other or doing something to keep us entertained. The chicken fight was funny, if you step back and look at it from an outsider's viewpoint. I mean, who fights over chicken?

S: Is participating in a reality television show what you thought it to be? What did you expect, and more importantly; what did you not expect?

T: It's everything and more. I expected a few more competitions, and did not expect to find any friends on the show because I came into it with a "me against nineteen other guys" mentality. However, I found myself finding an instant bond with most guys.

S: What's the hardest part about being on a dating show?

T: Not having my iPhone or any Internet. It was MISERABLE -- no Twitter or Facebook either!

S: What's the best part?

T: Not having to worry about what I was going to do that day.

S: You're one of the country boys on the show. Elaborate on how you'd consider yourself a "country boy".

T: I went to school in the heart of the delta farm land, my grandfather is a farmer, and I'd rather be in the wide open spaces than a big city any day. Also give me grits and greens and I'm good.

S: What are the city boys you've met like?

T: Most are just like me, except they weren't raised in Mississippi and don't have the same priorities. A few are tools, but they are getting weeded out slowly. I came into the show with a few/lot of stereotypes; most of them were shattered within a few days, but some are still going strong. But I try and give everyone a equal shot because I don't want anyone judging me on my past at all.

S: What do you like about being a bachelor?

On the show, it was just the whole experience. At home, it's being able to do what I want and not have date night, ha.

S: What do you not like?

T: On the show, it was wondering what is racing through Devin's mind: does she like me, think I'm funny, into me, annoyed, am I being myself, does she like that, does she want me to kiss her, what should I do? At home, I miss the stableness of a relationship; I like just having someone to come home to and not an empty bed.

S: What's a question you always want to be asked during interviews? How would you answer it?

T: Why are you single?

Because there are 4 types of girls in Jackson:
1. Girls who can't move on to you because they are still hung up on their exes.
2. Girls who don't want to stay in Mississippi.
3. Girls who are fake or plastics (as Mean Girls would call them), with no depth nothing inside -- just a pretty face that's it.
4. Girls who are too prude to give you a chance for the fear that you'll tarnish their image.

S: What's the most interesting comment -- whether on yourself, the show, your hobbies -- you've ever received?

T: I've gotten 10 marriage proposals so far, that's kinda flattering.

S: What do you plan on doing when the show's over?

T: I'm currently back in reality (well, real reality, no cameras) -- just waking up, going to my job, living my life, and spending it with my friends. Not much has changed.
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Here's a picture from the show... Devin is one lucky girl!