Sunday, June 12, 2011

guess what?

I've some exciting news.

Well, it's probably not as exciting for you as it is exciting for me, but if I'm blogging about it at three in the morning, let me tell you; it's pretty damn exciting.

I'm moving.

Out of the motherfucking country!

I should explain. I know I've only got two more years of school left, yadda yadda bloop, but I'm moving FOR school, you see? I'll be attending an international school in South Korea (won't give you a city -- no stalking Stephanie for you!) which is both thrilling and concerning. I get asked a lot on here, not that I think it has any relevance to my blog: What ethnicity are you? and now that I look back, I realize I've never fully offered that piece of information. I'm 100% Korean, born and raised, but I grew up in Austin (explains my love for the Longhorns) and up northeast where I am now (explains my hatred for the cold) so I'm not fluent in the language or anything. My mom and little sister live in Korea, but my dad, who currently is here, is moving this summer. So I thought, why not? There's an international program for my school and everything. Obviously, if it was up to me, I'd stay in the US. But I'm a bit of a baby and need my parents. Mostly because they pay for my education :)

Now, the whole point of this post is coming up; let's not get restless.

You've seen my books, right? If not, here is a reminder:
No joke, I actually have to stand on a chair (or two) to reach the top, and there are more books behind what you see. I love having this overabundance of books, but my limit is five boxes to take overseas. I've considered public storage for the remaining libros (like my Spanglish?), but the overall cost of a semester abroad combined with over a thousand dollars just to store my books is rather ridiculous.

So anyway, dear readers, how would you like to claim all these extra books for yourselves? I am looking for loving homes for these well-loved books.

I am the kind of person who cannot keep her hands off as many books as she can (just look at my "up for review" books in the sidebar), which means all of the following books have only been read once. Some of them are duplicates and are BRAND NEW. Brand new spankin' books for free? Does it get any better?

All that I ask is you pay shipping costs.  I want more than anything to be able to just give them away, but I'm not made of money, mind you. I've decided I'm going to have a little blog sale and see how it goes.

Here is the pricing chart based off USPS Media Mail pricing:
1 book for $3
2 books for $4
3 books for $5
4 books for $5
5 books for $6

Any order larger than 5 books would be more than $6, but linearly less than the rate you see going above. It would also be your heart's delight. This is open to US residents only. I'm not doing this for my own profit. Shipping is on average, $3 for each paperback and $4 for each hardcover, which means any "profit" I earn on these sales are literally cents per book. If I were trying to earn money off these books, I'd just sell them all on Chegg or Amazon buyback. Please keep that in mind :)

This also means, that if you are interested in multiple (more than 5) books, I'd be more than happy to negotiate by combining shipping.  That's really a bargain, so I encourage you guys to take these books in "bulk"! Remember, I'm trying to get these off my hands and into those of eager booklovers, so I'm really open to any deal you want to make me.

So anyway, click here to check out what's in stock. As always, you can email me at thestephanieloves[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions or to make an order :D

Thank you so much for your support, everyone. I love you all so so so so so much.


Also, here is a picture of me camping:
I purposely cropped out what was on the other end of my prong because quite frankly, my campfire skills are a little embarrassing. All you have to know is that I did not eat my S'more that night.
25 rugrats in a forest all night? aw yeeahhh (I know there are only 11 in the picture, but I swear there were more). That object I'm cradling in my hands? The burrito I was blissfully eating. Seconds after the photograph was taken however, Griffin proceeded to pour his Sierra Mist (what a dork; everyone else was sporting a nice cold can of Stella Artois) down the front of my shirt. I mean, he's a cool kid and all. Just look at that smug face.

Don't worry, though. I got revenge by releasing this picture to the press:
As well as this one:
And by the press, I do mean Facebook. So I'd say we're about even.