Monday, March 7, 2011

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: Just Watch Me by various authors, edited by Violet Blue

Just Watch Me
Violet Blue et al.

Page Count: 240
Release Date: 14 September, 2010
Publisher: Cleis Press
Source: Complimentary copy provided by 
Naked Reader Book Club in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (thank you!)

Arousing Bedside Reading

Violet Blue, quickly becoming the 21st century's leading sex educator, recommends reading Just Watch Me nice and slow so every outrageous scenario can be savored. She judiciously handpicked these sizzling stories from her Best Women's Erotica series. Intended as inspiration for bedroom adventures, this heady collection of erotic stories is filled with scintillating, relatable encounters.

Elizabeth Coldwell's "Heat" describes the fierce affair between a barmaid and her brutish boss, a man she doesn't even like but who sets her heart pounding. In "Spike", Rachel Kramer Bussel gives us turn-ons of a different kind, when a young goth girl shows a pushy "man's man" who wears not just the pants, but the spike-heeled shoes. Once again, Blue has compiled a book that is both sexy and surprising and as literary as it is libidinous.

What Stephanie Thought: By far one of the most scorching, yet meticulous erotica anthologies I've read, Just Watch Me is a thrill of a read, as well as one heck of a ride.

Selected punctiliously to please women and only women, each short story featured in this Cleis Press collection is every woman's indulgence. There are stories for women who like men, women who like women... women who want the best of both worlds and like both men and women. Women who like it soft and delicate, women who like it hard and exciting. Everyday women who hold utmost dignity to their names, and women who aren't so dignified, but aren't any less reputable either. This anthology is just a book for women. 

The stories are just the right length. A book knows it's in trouble when the reader starts to get weary within the first ten pages—especially if that book is of erotica, which is usually supposed to be an ecstatic read, not a bore. Most erotica anthologies also contain "quickies"—stories that are too short to really get into (spanning two to three pages, usually). Most of the pieces featured in Just Watch Me ended right when the plot began to stale, having me at the edge of arousal each time. It's an incredible feeling, almost like an orgasm, being so excited, only to have that kindling die down right before it explodes. 

I also loved how there was so much variety. Usually, I find a trend in erotica anthologies; after three or four stories, they all seem to blend together. You know what I'm talking about: A notices B from across the room, A sees a spark in B's eyes, A coyly approaches B, B follows A home, A and B have sex, A and B promise to have sex again later. But not in Just Watch Me. Every story was different, differently good, at that, for lack of better words. With Violet Blue, I never got bored. Every story was unique and arousing in its own way.

I definitely recommend Just Watch Me to any woman in search of solo satisfaction. Better yet, if you're looking to spice things up a little with your partner in the bedroom, this anthology just may be your perfect match.

Stephanie Loves: "'I've been trying to find some kind of pattern in the books you choose, but I can't.' He sounded amused, but his voice dropped low, as if he were sharing an urgent secret.
'Oh, I just take whatever seems to jump out at me. I don't want to be systematic.' I was proud of myself for sounding so casual. I even turned and glanced at his shirt buttons, then up to his face. 'It's more fun when you let things surprise you.'
'That's true.' His voice was softer, and more careful. I tried hard not to stare at his mouth. 'But then sometimes something will really speak to you, and you have to find the courage to follow it.'" from Teresa Lamai's "In Snow"—hate to pick favorites, but it was my favorite story out of the anthology. Read Just Watch Me, even if only for that story :)

Radical Rating: 9 hearts: Loved it! This book has a spot on my favorites shelf. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥