Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥♥♥: The Case by Mel Nicolai

Hey guys. Why am I up this early? It's actually not early at all but we have a two-hour delay at school today. WOO HOOO!!!!! You don't know how happy I am. So here I am blogging instead of getting my two extra hours of sleep—what the hell is wrong with me?
Firstly, I want to say a great big thanks to those who are following and reading the blog. Thank you all for commenting, for messaging, for reading. YOU guys make me so happy :)
Also, I have been very very bad. I still have not mailed out some of the prizes I owe to winners because I haven't had a chance to run to the post office yet! I sent everyone I owe a postcard in the mail a few days ago, and got a chance to send out swag packs since they only take a stamp or two, but for the people who won bigger prizes. Outta luck! I PROMISE I will get them out as soon as I can. These days have been so hectic for me (it's school, rugby training, music lesson... SNOW DAY) so I really hope you understand. I'm also participating in another hop this weekend so stay tuned for that. I will definitely have prizes mailed out faster this time around.
Now here is a book review. Enjoy!
To be honest, it took me about a month to finish The Case by Mel Nicolai, a mere 108-page book, which says a lot about it. Physically, it was very easy: the font big, the spacing wide, the chapters only a couple pages each; but I didn't understand half the words, and had to read most of the sentences at least four times each to make the most generic sense of them. Occasionally, the sentences would be comprehensive to my mind. Often, they wouldn't.

The entire novel was like reading a philosophy text—more specifically, I related it to Oscar Wilde. Everything in the book seems quotable, a thoughtfully calculated idea the author wanted to convey. Perhaps if the words hadn't been so scientific (well they sounded scientific to me. I mean, who's expected to know what "cingulate" means, anyway?) I could have enjoyed Nicolai as much as I enjoyed Wilde. 

The main problem I had with The Case though, is how it lacks a plot. Maybe Nicolai is such an phenomenal, recalcitrant writer, that I'm too dumb to know what he's talking about. Maybe there is a plot that I have just missed. Either way, I found no point to all 108 pages of the book.

Brock Meirski, the protagonist, is an unbelievably perspicacious, speculative character, but nothing really happens to him. He is supposedly on The Case, but I still don't know what The Case is exactly, even though the book ends, talking about The Case. All Brock really does is wake up, use the toilet, go to the grocery store, say hello to his neighbor, meet a pretty girl, invite the pretty girl to his house, then go to bed. The next morning, he does it all over again. The next morning, well... I don't think there even is a next morning. If there is, I am definitely missing something from the story. My essence is, no excitement or meaning radiate from The Case's words; nothing compilable, nothing to analyze. There is no suspense, no climax, no falling action, which are all necessities of even the most basic fictional story. There were some really neat observances on life and on people, but in the end, it was like adding a dab of different colors of paint to a palette and then mixing the shades all together; a big messy colorless blob.

Sadly, I cannot say I would recommend this book, because of how absurdly aimless it is. If you're studying metaphysics and want to use The Case as a resource to enhance your studies, go ahead. Otherwise, try to keep your distance.

Stephanie Loves: "The present, life in the present, is always up ahead. It's almost like when you're born, a race starts. The doctor slaps you on the ass and everyone and everything takes off at speed. Only you can't run yet. It'll be a few years before you can get in the race, and by then you're so far behind you'll never catch up."

Where Stephanie Got It: Complimentary copy provided by 
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Radical Rating: 
3 hearts: Not a fan; I don't recommend this book. ♥♥♥
Thanks, guys. You all rock. And roll. Keep on bearing with me xx