Monday, December 20, 2010

❤ midwinter's eve giveaway hop!

My first giveaway hop! Hurray!
the seasonI'll admit I'm not much of a winter fan. Excess frigidity is just painful. During the summers, the sweltering heat may be uncomfortable, but at least it doesn't hurt! So I am definitely a warm weather fan, even though I live in the most ridiculously cold part of the country (besides Alaska and...Maine?). 
I try to live life without too much complaint though, and I could totally name all the things about winter that I love. And so I will. I'm certain most blog hoppers won't even bother reading this part, so as a reward for those who are actually reading this, I'll give everyone who tells me what their favorite part about winter is in the "Additional comments" section of the giveaway form (NOT the "comments" section of this post!) an extra entry in the giveaway :)
1. Winter just has the most beautiful ambiance. The dazzling snowflakes, the cookie baking,  the necessity to cuddle up to stay warm -- it all just puts you in the mood to be happy!
2. The slopes get so much powder, it's insane. I do sort of make a fool out of myself on a snowboard, but hey, it's fun. 'Nuff said.
3. This one's a little juvenile, but...NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. I get to sing walking in a winter wonderland...while walking in a winter wonderland. I try singing it during any other time of the year, and all I get are odd looks from concerned passersby on the street.
5. The city lights up so majestically, that you know wherever you go, you'll never be lost.
6. Fur boots (faux, of course), adorable mittens, gorgeous scarves: fashion is a whole nother story in the wintertime!

the hop The Midwinter's Eve Giveaway Hop, hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, is going to be a quick 2 day hop. Midwinter's Eve is the longest night of the year so why not spend it entering some great giveaways? :) It will run from 12.01am on December 21st to 11.59pm on December 22nd. Short and sweet! Speaking of sweet...
the giveaway Since we're all sweethearts, I'll be giving away a fabulously sweet gift set full of books, swag, and tons of other treats! The prize pack will include the following books:
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (brand new, unread trade paperback)

Highlands Rapture by Diana Gair (out-of-print 1982 Harlequin edition I discovered at a castaway bookstore. Tacky, I know, but couldn't help myself! A little worn for wear, but still a great reading copy)

A McKaslin Homecoming by Jillian Hart (autographed Harlequin Ambassador copy; brand new, unread mass market paperback)

Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming (also a Harlequin Ambassador copy;
brand new, unread mass market paperback)
All books have been determined sweet (well, sweet enough) by yours truly.
But that's not all. I'll also include a little packet of goodies including:
Sorry for the yuckiness of this picture! You know how sucky cell phone cameras are.
  • bookmarks, postcards, and other swag from various sweet authors
  • a sweet dreams sleep mask
  • vanilla orchid mist tea, which happens to taste sweet
  • vanilla flavoured coffee, which also happens to taste sweet
  • a sweet handmade friendship bracelet
  • Lancôme's Juicy Tube in Tickled Pink, which is a very sweet shade that is flattering for all skin tones 
So there are probably blog hoppers who aren't into that kind of stuff too (aka males). For you guys, I've put together another package that will include the following books:
First to Kill by Andrew Peterson (autographed; brand new, unread mass market paperback)

Pulse of Power by Anne Elizabeth (graphic novella; brand new, unread)
  • bookmarks, postcards, and other swag from various authors (not pictured)
  • assorted holiday candy!! (not pictured -- need to go grocery shopping)
Additionally, if I get more than 100 entries, I will throw in ANOTHER awesome gift set, only it won't be so sweet. That's right. I've got a package for those of us who are a little spicy too. Books will include:
Her Best Friend by Sarah Mayberry (Harlequin Ambassador copy; brand new, unread mass market paperback)

 Romance by the Book by Tina Gallagher (brand new, unread trade paperback)

 A Red Hot New Year by Cynthia Eden, Diana Mercury, Virginia Reede, and Denise Rossetti (autographed only by Cynthia; brand new, unread trade paperback)
All books have been determined spicy (hot!) by yours truly.
And you know the drill:
  • bookmarks, postcards, and other swag from various spicy authors
  • assorted packettes of Wet personal lubricant, which will make your love life extremely spicy
  •  chai spice tea, which happens to taste spicy
  • gourmet roast coffee which does not happen to taste spicy, but is guaranteed too keep you up all night, if you know what I mean
  • Lancôme's Juicy Tube in Beach Plum, which is a very spicy shade that is flattering for all skin tones
the specifics That's not one, but THREE  great prize packs being given away. To enter, all you have to do is:
  1. Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect
  2. Comment on this post saying "I'm following" or "I'm entering" or whatever INCLUDING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (only for verification)
  3. Fill out the form below with your details and additional entries (+1 for following me on Twitter @lovestephaniexx) (+1 for commenting on any other posts besides this one. Make it meaningful and LEAVE YOUR EMAIL in that comment!
{This form is now closed, due to the giveaway's end.}

Because of shipping costs, this giveaway is open only to those residing in the US. If you're international and want to enter, you'll have to pay for shipping.
the end Be sure to enter all of the other giveaways going on for this hop; there are so many great prizes being given away! If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a very merry Christmas, and if you don't, I hope you have an amazing winter season full of cookies, kisses, and lots of love. Stay warm, and best of luck!

Stephanie xxx