Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm dreaming of a whiiiite Christmas {but it's unlikely}

Hi everybody! I am sooo happy right now! My Midwinter's Eve Bloghop has been such a blast! I had 73 entries total. That's I was so sad only two winners could be chosen. If it were up to me and not my wallet, there would be seventy-four winners not just two! I couldn't give away the spicy gift set because I was 27 entries short. Recall, I promised it IF I reached 100 entries. However, I'll save that prize pack for another time, for another giveaway :)

Here are some pictures from the Hershey Light Show my friends and I attended a few weeks ago. My blurry photography does not do the beauty justice!
These are all LIGHTS. Incredible!!

Now for the winners. 
Brenna was the winner of the sweet prize pack. Here's what she won:


Vicky won the awesome prize pack:
Okay, okay...I'm weak. I'm a weak little kitten. I succumbed into having ANOTHER tiny little contest, just because I felt like it.

Crystal won an autographed copy of A McKaslin Homecoming (by Jillian Hart) for being the first entrant! 

Marie won an autographed copy of A McKaslin Homecoming as well for leaving such a nice comment on the blog!
Lisa won a copy of Living Life in the Zone (by Kyle Rote Jr.) {read my review HERE!} for leaving three great comments on the blog.
Miranda won an autographed copy of First to Kill (by Andrew Peterson) and a copy of Pulse of Power (by Anne Elizabeth) because I'm an idiot...and for leaving three great comments on the blog :)
 Lora won a copy of Dakota Child (by Linda Ford) for being the first one to leave four comments on my blog!
Donna won a copy of Stronger Than Sin (by Caridad Piñeiro) for being the second one to leave four comments on my blog!

Benita, Khyla, Lisa, Stacey, and Beverly won goodie bags/swag packs :) Congrats and THANK YOU to all those who entered and won. I certainly hope you continue to follow and read my blog for upcoming reviews, contests, giveaways...and all that other crap I write about :) Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

stephanie xx