Sunday, December 12, 2010

Definitions of Love: Both of Us

Together we stood
With that passionate vibe in the air
When I realized 
You are the song I was destined to sing.
Not only that but,
Just the thought of being with you tomorrow...
It gives me the strength
To put up with the rest of today.
I just want you to know
I need you to know
My world was all black and white
I never anticipated it before
But it was really like that
Until the day you walked in my door
And right into my heart.
They all said we couldn't
But the thing is,
We are
It's the idea that you came by
And never left my side.
So really,
It's when that question comes.
Are you really ready for this?
Am I?
It makes me think..
It makes me wonder...
How I'd live in this world
Without it.
Without love.
I don't know,
Maybe it's just that
Each time, each day,
Each hour, each minute,
Each second
That I spend with you:
The stars shine just a little bit brighter
The music sounds a little bit happier
I feel like living just a little longer
And I always laugh a little bit louder.
The desires for what I want
Are what I want
Which are all things that I'm not quite sure of
And yet when I'm with you
I know
I don't know how
Or why
I know
I just do.

An original poem composed by yours truly
Um...I was looking through my old slushpile and came across this poetry "series" I made. Don't know what's more ridiculous, the poems themselves, or the fact that I about twelve when I wrote them.

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