Thursday, December 2, 2010

constant as the stars above❤

I know this is late for a Thanksgiving post, but the holidays were so busy for me (even without school, believe it or not), I never really got a chance to sit down and count my blessings. Sadly, my mother was away for Thanksgiving this year, but my dad, my little sister, and I still had an amazing time with our friends around us. We had a great yummy feast and then on Sunday, my best friend took me to Hershey where we went on all the awesome Chocolate World rides (note to self: do NOT go on the SooperDooperLooper right after downing a mug of Hershey's hot cocoa and an overpriced pretzel dog) and watched the magnificent Christmas-themed light show. Now I'm all excited for Christmas!

What I'm meaning to say is, though I don't say it enough, I am an extremely lucky girl living in the most beautiful, majestic world -- and that alone is better than anything I could possibly ask for.
My favorite part of Thanksgiving :)
Life is hard, I have come to realize. It isn't all rainbows and butterflies and compromise that we hope it to be, but that's really what makes it life. Everyday, I go making lists of how imperfect my life is, of what I want but don't have, and of what I have but don't want. What's the point then, really?
Thanksgiving is a time to say prayers. Not religiously nor for just one day, but perpetually, and with gratitude. It is a time to recognize not the things we don't have, but rather, the things we do.
During the stressful times of our lives, it may be hard to wade through the thick of all our flaws, and to really see what we are blessed to have. But once we actually realize what they are, they add up. To a lot.
We have families. We have friends. We have sturdy roofs over our heads, and comfortable shoes at the soles of our feet. We have warm meals to come home to every night, but more importantly, the people we come home to every night -- the ones with open arms and open eyes, who will see through to loving us no matter what happens.
We live in a world that is admittedly tough to live in. We live in the times of war, and of famine,
of strife, and of destruction. But once we look around, we see greater things, greater people, and greater ideas.
Contentment is something we try so hard to achieve and work so hard to attain. What is contentment? It is the satisfaction of watching the baby's chest move up and down with every breath taken. It is the ease of mind we receive as we see raindrops create ripples in the seemingly-perfect lake. It is the flicker of light in the nighttime, the shining of hope in the darkness.
The seasons have changed, and so have we. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving showed as many promises, premises, light, love, content, and optimism as mine did ❤