Sunday, September 19, 2010

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: Fang Face by Norm Cowie

Fang Face is probably the first humor novel I've ever read. I never really knew what "funny" was before I read it (my tenth grade Advanced Honors English teacher told me that Charles Dickens was funny... not that I agree in the least, but Norm Cowie is probably twice the comedian he is. Word). His style is captivating; once you pick it up, you can't put it down, and his wit is literally laugh-out-loud amusing. I had the wonderful opportunity to read and review this delight, that the author sent to me, himself. Here's Fang Face by Norm Cowie:

Fang Face
Norm Cowie

Page Count: 282
Release Date: 1 September, 2009
Publisher: Quake (Echelon Press)
Source: Received as a gift from the author (with no expectations of a review, let alone a positive one... thank you so much, Norm!)

Erin has bigger worries than how she'll do on her Trig Final. A vampire bit her and she's turning into an Undead.
Things could be worse, though. It cleared her complexion, she can fly, and now her parents have to let her go out at night. And being a vampire is great for freaking out her little sister.

The downside? Besides being dead, of course... and having to drink blood smoothies... was having to give up tanning and pizza. And with her new edgy Goth look, jet-black hair and porcelain skin, everyone tells Erin she's become beautiful. So much so that the other girls in school have started calling her names... like 'Fang Face.'

Erin wouldn't mind checking her new look for herself. But as everyone knows... Vampires can't see their reflections! 

I'll have to admit, it sounds a tad cliché. When I read the blurb, I rolled my eyes and said, "Oh, God. Not another vampire novel." But I take that all back now. Fang Face is NOT just another vampire novel. Well, it is another vampire novel, but it's not all romancy and tragic like the Moonlight series or whatever it's called. See, Fang Face has lovable characters, an actual point to its plot, and the ability to make me laugh with the turn of every page. 

I could relate to Erin a lot. She's just a typical high school girl, unnoticed and unnoticing. She's nice but not innocent; pretty, but not gorgeous. She does nothing to deserve turning into an Undead—an everliving bloodsucker—and yet she still does, when a sly vampire manages to bite her one day.

The story does not revolve around Erin, however. This story revolves around Ian Trug, who is described as "quite possibly the ugliest kid in the entire country" by the first sentence of the book. Immediately, Cowie makes Trug the most lovable character in the book, if not physically, sympathetically.

For me, there was a little too much sarcasm. I used to think that I was the most sarcastic person in the world (I'm not), but this book definitely topped me :) It was entertaining though; nice to be able to laugh at a book every once in a while. Nonetheless, the style was very moving and kept me at the edge of my feet at all times. There was a perfect balance of humor, anguish, and affliction throughout the novel.

Radical Rating: 8 hearts: An engaging read; highly recommended. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥